Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

It is time for you to discover how contagious bed bugs are if you let them create an infestation in your home. Learn how bed bugs travel from house to house, becoming a real problem in your life.

Find out the correct way in which you can prevent a bed bug infestation in your home. Take whatever steps are necessary to control the spread by following a few simple steps. Bed bugs are dangerous insects, but you should not fear them; in fact, you have to do everything you can to eliminate them.

Are Bed Bugs Contagious?

Bed bugs can be the most unpleasant insects you may have in your home right now. These elusive insects represent a big problem where their bite can bring you some diseases. Bed bugs focus on piercing your skin to acquire your blood; they usually leave some marks that you may not like.

Something very bad is that bed bugs reproduce quickly, so they can create an infestation if you let them live. With this insect prevailing in your home, you may lose value on your property for future sales. Bed bugs are the most annoying insects that you can have at home; they cause a lot of damage.

How Do Bed Bugs Move From House To House?

When bed bugs do not feel comfortable in a house due to people’s absence, they can spread to other places. These insects travel in groups for very short sections consisting of a few meters between houses. Only a couple of bed bugs are enough to create an infestation since the insect reproduces many times a year.

When the insect arrives at a house, it can settle around your bed to frequently feed on you. Bed bugs are tiny, which is advantageous because it allows them to hide in your mattress or nearby areas. You may see some bloodstains that would be the feces of the bed bugs that live near you from time to time.

The insect can frequently spread in the summer while the winter uses it to feed excessively. Bed bugs are active at night when you sleep for the rest of the day; you are unlikely to see them. You should prevent the insect from staying in your home because it can create a severe infestation in less than three months.

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How To Prevent The Spread of the Bed Bugs?

For you to control the spread of bed bugs in your home, you must follow some simple tips:

  • Clean your home

You can clean your home with harsh products that often serve as repellents or silent killers for bed bugs. Lavender, tea tree oil, or other cleaning products are usually effective for the insect. At least three times a week, you should do a total cleaning of your home.

  • Shake the mattress where you sleep

Bed bugs are predominant in your bedroom, mainly on the mattress, where you should take steps to clean it all the time. You can see how the bed bugs and larvae are waiting to hatch fall in this procedure. It is very good to combine this with a repellent to kill the bed bugs and reduce the infestation.

  • Contact professionals for pest control

You can contact pest professionals who will quarantine your home until you can get rid of the bed bugs. This is the best option because the bed bugs will die completely, and you will not get new infestations. Although this professional cleaning is expensive, it may be worth it because you will no longer worry about bed bugs.

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