Bat Bugs Vs. Bed Bugs

Bat Bugs Vs. Bed Bugs

Know what bat bugs and bed bugs are and see the differences between the animal and the parasitic insect. Find out which of the two species can become a pest and see which way to get rid of it.

You can eliminate the bat bugs or bed bugs that inhabit your home by creating an infestation with bold information. You must have options to eliminate species that can make you contract diseases in addition to taking away the value of your home.

What Are Bat Bugs Vs. Bed Bugs?

A bat is nothing more than a flying animal that belongs to Mammalia due to unique characteristics in its appearance. Bat bugs are nocturnal animals that you can see in packs almost anywhere in the world. They have a length of approximately 7 cm, and in their appearance, you can see how the black color predominates on their body.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that are around 7 mm at most in their adult stage. You can identify them by reddish-brown in the adult stage and transparent reddish in the early or larval stage. Bedbugs are the kind of insects that you can see at home; they feed on your blood or that of your pets at night.

The only similarity that you can see of both species is that they are active at night. Both the bat and the bug feed on animal blood, although the bat also feeds on fruits.

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Differences Between Bat Bugs And Bed Bugs

The clear differences that you can observe between bat bugs and bed bugs are:

  • Size

A bat measures 7 cm in its adult stage while bed bugs do not exceed 7 mm. The small size of bed bugs means that they have many predators stalking it.

  • Way of moving

Bat bugs fly great distances, and bed bugs are crawling insects that do not have wings on their bodies. It is very unlikely that you will see a bat walking; you will always see it flying and resting.

  • Food

Bed bugs target animal and human blood; bat bugs can take animal blood from small species. The bat has variety in their food, where they also focus on fruits, fish, leaves, nectar, among other things. Bed bugs need to feed on blood; this is important to survive and develop.

  • Habitat

Bat bugs’ habitat is outdoors; they can rest in caves or areas where the sun does not enter during the day. Bed bugs have a more common habitat where you can see them in your home; this makes it an infestation.

How To Eliminate Bat Bugs And Bed Bugs?

If for any reason you suffer from pests such as bat bugs or bed bugs in your home, you should get rid of them with:

  • Cleaning your house

You can clean your entire family so that these species look less attractive and don’t think about staying there. For bed bugs, you can clean your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or other areas where they can stay. For bat bugs, you can clean the basement or dark place in your house; you must close the entrances so that the animal does not enter.

  • Repellents

Bat bugs can be controlled and eliminated from your home if you buy repellants that you can apply all over the area. In bed bugs, you can use creams that serve as a shield to prevent them from biting you while you sleep.

  • Close access to your home

For you to avoid an infestation of bat bugs or bed bugs, you must close the accesses so that they enter your home. With bat bugs, you can close doors and windows; with bed bugs, you must close the openings. You have to apply repellants in all these entrances so that these animals stay in your home.

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