How to Avoid Bed Bugs at the Movie Theater?

Bed Bugs at the Movie Theater

It can be quite upsetting for some people to know that bed bugs can find almost anywhere and only in beds. These insects appear in crowded places such as movie theaters, which is a common space to find them, which is unpleasant.

These critters are supposed to distract themselves, and having a good time does not contribute to anything. The desire to see a nice movie and have a relationship will end. Fortunately, certain things can help you avoid gossip in crowded places.

In this guide, we will discuss about:

  • Why there are bed bugs in the movie theaters
  • Whether you can get the bed bugs in the movie theaters
  • How to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs in Movie Theaters
  • How To Prevent the Bed Bugs From Returning
  • And more

After reading our post, you are able to avoid and prevent the bed bug bites in the movie theaters.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Movie Theaters?

Can Bed Bugs Live in Movie Theaters

Anyone’s desired answer is no, but sadly that is not the case here. Cliches can live peacefully in movie theaters. What’s more, it is one of their favorite places to be.

It is common to believe that these insects only come out at night while we are vulnerable, but it is not like that. It is normal to feel pricks from these beings, even awake. Apart from that, they also appear on sofas and other seats.

The fact that cinemas are dark places is ideal for bed bugs. They can hide and bite suddenly. A palpable reality is that many theaters are full of these insects. Even new cinemas are not spared.

Thanks to the internet, this problem came to light after so long, social networks were a means of complaining. No one is happy after being bitten by a bed bug, not even the most spectacular movie could ease the situation.

Why Are There Bed Bugs In the Movie Theaters?

The answer is much simpler than you would expect. They traveled through someone else’s clothing or bag. In any case, these rooms are the ideal space for this kind of insect since there are hiding places, distractions, and darkness.

There is nothing better for a bed bug than this situation, except that the person is asleep in her bed. Besides, it is important to note that these insects like the increase in the level of CO2, which makes the cinema even more perfect.

You have to think about it a little. Many people in the same space inhaling and exhaling, increasing carbon dioxide. For the last stay, there is a great supply of food for them, that is, people as disgusting as it may seem.

Do You Get Bitten By the Bed Bugs at a Movie Theater?

The fact that the room is infested with this insect makes the chances of a bite very high. Even when the number of people is minimal, bed bugs will come out due to the carbon dioxide level.

If you wonder why you have never suffered a sting until now, it is because you may experience it without realizing it. A bed bug provides a small substance that serves as an anesthetic, apart from the fact that the bite takes time to swell.

Thus, it is normal that people tend to believe that their bite occurred in a different place. All this leads to a lack of attention to the problem, as many believe it to be false or an irrelevant topic.

Some movie companies never do anything about it, even though bed bug complaints are steadily increasing.

Do You Get the Bed Bugs From A Movie Theater?

Do You Get the Bed Bugs From A Movie Theater?

The most horrible thing of all is not even the bite as such, but rather the idea of ​​bringing the insect with you. Having bed bugs at home through a trip to the movies is extremely unpleasant and only causes repudiation of the activity.

In terms of fugitive travel experience, bed bugs are extremely skilled as they have different ways of hiding. Clothing is the most common medium. When you get home, the safest thing is that they hide in the bedroom.

Both options are definitely extremely terrible between being attacked alone at the movies and having bed bugs at home. Do not forget that these insects multiply at incredible speeds, so it may even be necessary to spray.

How to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs in Movie Theaters?

If the concern is in not seeing a movie in theaters again, then relax. There are ways to solve the situation. Here are some instructions against bed bugs:

  1. Before going to a cinema, it is good to look at reviews of the company. If there are any pests, they will probably be mentioned. It is good to be attentive to this type of thing. The internet is a powerful information site today.
  2. Clothing in light colors is ideal because bed bugs are somewhat brown in color. It will be easier to detect a bustle insect.
  3. It is important not to expose yourself so much. To avoid grinders use long sleeves or pants.
  4. Avoid carrying too many things. Bags are a common transport of bed bugs to your home. With fewer travel possibilities, these insects will stay instead of moving.
  5. Use special anti-bed bug sprays. There are many scents like peppermint or lavender that you can even use on yourself. You can spray on and around the seat before sitting down to prevent biting.
  6. Use the flashlight that comes with the phone to inspect your seat for bed bugs evidence. Try to find eggs, spots, exoskeletons, and even bed bugs that are still alive.

Do Bed Bugs Come Back After Treatment?

Yes, in fact, bed bugs are the most difficult and long-lasting insects to treat. The most common cause of their return is that pest professionals overlook some well-hidden eggs.

Removing the egg is not enough most of the time. The appearance of a single bed bug can return the infestation. This is due to its size, rapid multiplication, survival, and many other things that make this insect stand out.

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How To Prevent the Bed Bugs From Returning?

Making sure bed bugs are gone forever is difficult, but not impossible. Just follow these tips, and you will avoid these insects completely:

  • Wash bedding constantly

One of the most common ways to eliminate bed bugs is through heat, so washing at a high temperature is ideal. This has to be done at least twice a week. Although this does not prevent intrusion, it will reduce a possible infestation.

  • Vacuum the home regularly

Surprisingly, bed bugs and their eggs are very light, so vacuuming them is a good option to get rid of them. Do a conscientious cleaning as often as you wash the sheets and reach all the places.

It is good that the mattress is also vacuumed. Besides, immediately throwing the bag out of the machine is essential. You have to throw it as far from home as possible.

  • Protect mattresses

This is the favorite space for bedbugs. Prevent them from entering there and spreading with special anti-bedbug covers. These types of products completely enclose the mattress, preventing these insects from entering or leaving, thus causing their death.

  • Reduce hiding places

Bed bugs are by nature elusive. Prevent them from hiding by covering all the cracks in the house. It is an arduous but necessary process to eliminate the possibility of having these insects inside your home.

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