Can Bed Bugs Survive In Airplane?

Can Bed Bugs Survive In Airplane?

Bed bugs are extremely annoying insects that are capable of surviving in more places than most would expect. People’s crowded spaces are ideal for this class of creatures since they can feed, hide, and reproduce with extreme ease.

Beds are not the only place where these insects appear. Airplanes can also become infected, thus causing discomfort everywhere. Here are some things you should know about the situation and several steps to avoid being bed bug food.

How Can the Bed Bugs Survive In a Plane Flight?

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The answer is simpler than it seems. They arrive through people’s luggage or clothing. The fact that these insects reach the plane depends on several factors, such as the transfer time.

If the bed bug survived until boarding the plane, they would already be done because their temperature is perfect there. These kinds of insects consider people’s homes ideal spaces, which is no different in an airline.

The most important thing for bed bugs is temperature, so they love living in human homes. After all, the spaces are closed, protecting them from the outside and giving them free passage to unlimited reproduction.

They also prefer airplanes because there are many possible hiding places, making it impossible to eliminate them. Most unfortunate of all, bed bugs can stick to people, thus creating infestations inside homes.

How Do the Bed Bugs Enter Into the Plane?

Two possibilities are equally valid: a passenger has bed bugs at home or catches them at the hotel. It is very common for this type of insect to be found in lodgings, especially when I do not pay much for it.

You must make sure that you are not carrying a hidden bed bug before taking a flight. These kinds of insects reproduce at an alarming rate, a couple of them on a plane, and you will be lost.

Not only will the bed bug have an ideal place to live, but it will also cause inconvenience to other passengers. Nor should we forget the possibility that they hide between their clothes to get home.

How to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs on a Plane

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The first thing you should do as a passenger is to check for bed bugs in or around your seat. It may seem strange to some people, but this is done for your well-being, which is what is important.

Detecting bed bugs is not an easy task, much less when you are in such a small space. The tiny holes are very varied, and incidentally, it is impossible to check under the seat, which is a nightmare.

Despite the thousand inconveniences that may appear, do not be discouraged in the search, given how indispensable it is. Here are some tips that you could apply as a precaution:

  • Avoid airline blankets or pillows as these can have bed bugs inside without knowing it.
  • Seat covers are incredible as a means of protection against insects of this style.
  • Use a plastic bag in your luggage so that bed bugs will not enter.
  • Wash the clothes you used on the plane as soon as you can. It is recommended that the temperature of the plane is very high.

How to Spot Bed Bugs on Your Airplane Seat

If you find a bed bug quickly, you should inform the aircraft personnel. They must do something about it. Catching it is also necessary. It would be best to put it inside a plastic bag to prevent them from escaping and later dying.

Bed bug spray is ideal for eradicating any traces of bed bugs that you may have acquired. Steam treatments work, too, like using the dryer or washing things at high temperatures.

This may all sound too tedious, but bed bugs are not a game you want to have around the house. Indeed, professionals easily control an infestation, but this does not mean that you cannot avoid the situation.

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How Does the Problem with the Bed Bugs on The Planes Start in the First Place?

Bed bugs are said to have become more prevalent inside airplanes as flights became more accessible. Some countries have huge problems with these insects. Going to these places is a risk, but it is strangely cheap to get to them.

Something that further aggravated the situation was that the United States banned several quite effective pesticides. This means that bed bugs not only have a safe space to reproduce, they can also come from almost anywhere.

How Long Does It Take for Bed Bug Bites to Fully Show After the Flight?

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For this type of thing, everything depends on the specific person and how long it takes her skin to react. Bed bug bites will generally take 24 to 48 hours to appear.

It is important that if you just got on the plane and notice the sting, do not make a fuss since it surely was not there. Pay attention to your surroundings and don’t judge or attack staff unless you see a real bed bug.

Also, making a fuss could lead to everyone else’s panic, which is not pleasant inside a moving plane. Think of the tranquility of others, something that will only happen when you take things easy.

If you suspect that a bed bug has bitten you, look, check every available space you see until you find it. Accusing without evidence is not good either, since other insects are less serious than these within the repertoire.

What Should You Do After the Airplane That Was Infested with Bed Bug 

Protecting yourself from bed bugs before anything else is essential, but if you didn’t, other things could help. The main step is to wash absolutely everything as soon as you get home and subject each garment to high heat degrees.

Doing this will prevent bed bugs from living until they reproduce and eventually cause an infestation at home. Both insects and their eggs are a problem that must solve as soon as possible.

Bed bugs are not only found inside mattresses. They also love crowded spaces where they will not be disturbed. An airplane is perfect since the temperature is ideal for them to survive comfortably for a long time.

You can avoid the sting with large clothes, but that does not mean that you are absolved that they are hiding in you. Taking action against bed bugs can save anyone from some serious headaches down the road.

In any case, if the bed bugs managed to sneak into the house, then it only remains to call professionals in pest control. They have the tools and knowledge to get rid of these insects effectively.

You have to hire them, and they will arrive in a short time, although the price may vary, it does not seem to be the most important issue. Having bed bugs is not a pleasant thing to do or overlooked because of how serious it is.

Find out what to do to have a peaceful life to be free of bed bugs.

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