How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Hair?

Bed Bugs In Hair

Bed bugs are the most annoying insects you can have at home because they want to dominate everything, including your hair. It is time for you to learn how to eliminate the bug when you try to create an infestation at home. These parasitic insects prioritize your skin because they love the taste of your blood, this is common, and anyone can suffer from it. 

You have to know if bed bugs infest your hair by identifying any bumps or marks. Learn about the different ways you can get rid of hair bugs now. You should also know how to remove bed bugs and their eggs from your hair. 

How To Tell If Your Hair Is Infested With Bed Bugs?

How To Tell If Your Hair Is Infested With Bed Bugs

If you have suspicions about bed bug infestation in a very personal way, you will have to watch out for a few things. Bed bugs can infest your hair tonight and leave a few bumps on your scalp. You must be attentive to these small linear points that will indicate the problem you are going through. 

Bed bug infestation in the hair can also be seen when you notice some eggs in the area. You may be cleaning your hair and notice that you have a few small bumps; they are not lice; they are bed bugs. These eggs are to be feared because it is synonymous with the bed bug planning to form an infestation in your head.

Symptoms of Bed Bugs in The Hair

As mentioned above, while bed bugs don’t have any issue hanging out in the hair of yours, they do not wish to spend a lot of time there. You are not likely to find bed bugs right in your head unless you eventually check out your hair shortly after waking.

And, you will have to look for additional indirect signs of the bed bugs. And the most obvious symptom is the bed bug bites on the scalp of yours. And hidden in the hair of yours, you may not see them, but you will feel them.

The bed bug bites are compact, raised bumps which normally appear in clusters. Although they are able to show up anywhere on the scalp of yours, they are most commonly found around the hairline of yours.

For starters, the bites will really feel inflamed. As they heal, they will itch. They will also sting if you apply conditioner or shampoo to the hair of yours. 

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Hair 

Now that you have verified that bed bugs have infested your hair, you will need to know how to get rid of them. You can get rid of hair bugs using these methods: 

  • You can shave all of your hair to remove any bed bugs and any eggs there. This is the most effective method against the plague because you will not leave a small percentage of the infestation on your hair. 
  • You can get in the tub, go to the sauna or use any heat treatment that allows you to kill the bed bugs. This insect does not withstand high or low temperatures, so that you can kill them easily. 
  • You could also use Bed Bug Kill Shampoo after cleaning the entire scalp area. This treatment is also effective against the insect because you will remove it completely. 

How To Remove Bed Bugs And Their Eggs From The Hair? 

You can also resort to other aggressive treatments that will help you kill bed bugs in your hair: 

  • Suffocate the insect 

You can apply a little olive or oil to your hair and then cover it to try to suffocate the insect. Bed bugs cannot stand strong odors, so this treatment effectively removes them from your hair. 

  • Use alcohol as an isolating treatment 

If you do not want to spoil your hair with natural remedies, you can use alcohol to apply it to the area. This method can burn you in the areas of the scalp where the bed bug previously bit you. You have to apply the rubbing alcohol to your hair, wait a few minutes, and clean it to get rid of the bed bugs. 

  • Apply lotion to kill lice 

As bed bugs are parasitic insects like lice, a special lotion can be a great alternative. You have to buy a lotion to kill lice on your hair so you can remove the bed bugs. This lotion causes bed bugs is fatal, so that they will die very quickly. 

  • Wash The Hair of yours

Use shampoo on the damp hair. And lather thoroughly, covering the scalp of yours and hair roots. And leave the shampoo on the hair of yours for twenty minutes.

Rinse your hair completely. Use warm water and wash by yourself after rinsing the hair of yours to get rid of some shampoo residue from the skin of yours.

You are able to dry the hair of yours with a bath towel, but you need to throw it away instantly. Lots of people prefer to allow their hair to dry out naturally.

  • Select a Shampoo

Lice shampoo is going to kill bed bugs. Then, although the bed bug shampoo is effective, lice shampoo is frequently easier to buy from online stores.

You may have heard that ninety-one% rubbing alcohol is a good bed bug in hair. It is able to destroy a few insects, but efficacy does vary. For best effects, you need to use mix the rubbing alcohol with a medicated dandruff shampoo.

Regardless of what shampoo therapy you choose, be completely ready to clean your hair repeatedly, possibly over many days. And bed bugs are often hard to remove, especially in case you’ve thick, long hair.


You have to remove bed bugs from your hair to avoid having hives and very unpleasant moments. These parasitic insects are resourceful at forming an infestation, but they also have their weak points. You have to use natural repellents like alcohol or lice lotion to remove the bed bugs from your hair. 

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