What Eats Bed Bugs?

bed bug predators

Discover what bed bugs eat and leave doubts about the diet of this insect so common to see. Learn about the natural predators of bed bugs and use the information to eliminate the infestation at home. You can know this insect’s life in-depth to avoid it at home or how its nature acts when eating.

Do bed bugs have natural predators?

A bed bug is a tiny insect that you may sometimes see in your home, perhaps by chance or by an infestation. This insect loves to be around your bed; sometimes, it tends to bite you, causing a lot of pain. You can avoid insects in many ways, although this tiny species also have natural predators to fear.

The main predator of a bedbug is spiders; this is because the spider is much larger compared to the insect. A spider can kill bed bugs in no time; enjoy this snack for you is an infestation. Several spiders share this taste for bed bugs, being the main dish they delight in your home.

You can see this battle at night when the bed bug comes out of hiding to eat chips of any food. The spiders detect the insect’s movement and immediately capture them; they do so in a few seconds. Other natural predators can be cockroaches, ants, or even mites that can be in the house.

Before you see what do bed bugs eat, you must know what their natural predators are. A bed bug cannot feed very well if it has these life-threatening species around it. The insect is very peaceful; it only serves to eat and reproduce, although it can bring an infestation that the natural predator can avoid.

What Eats Bed Bugs?

In case you wonder what bed bugs eat, you should know that they are whole blood-sucking insects. This means that the bed bug only has a diet based on animals’ blood of equal or greater size. You enter the bed bug food chain where its absorption of blood is almost invisible, but it hurts at times.

  • Shavings Of Your Food In Bed

The bed bug habit is the bed, this being the place with the most disorder, in some cases, or unlimited food shavings. The bed has been the paradise for a bed bug, they are imperceptible during the day, but it begins its activity at night. You can see small bruises from the bed bugs; this penetration is not the one that hurts, but when it becomes infected by the insect’s urine.

  • Animal Blood

Other things about what do bed bugs eat are that they can feed on the blood of your pets. If you have a cat, dog, or bird, the bed bugs will surely be surrounding you to possess your blood. So that you can avoid these bites in your animals, you can buy quality repellent collars.

An alternative for you to get rid of bed bugs and their proximity in your bed is cleaning the area daily. You can use repellants, cleaning products, and other items to keep your room clean. You mustn’t have rotten wood, cardboard, papers, dirty clothes, among others.

Now that you know what bed bugs eat and enter their food chain take smart steps to avoid them. With a few minutes cleaning your room, you will not have insect bites that can become infected and cause problems.

Author Ethan