Bed Bugs Vs. Hives

Bed Bugs Vs. Hives

You should know in detail about the bed bugs against urticaria, although at some point, both factors are associated. Find out what bed bugs are in general so that you can identify and prevent them. Learn how bed bug bites get on your body or your children so that you can cure them.

You must know what hives are and what causes hives on your body for you to recognize and take treatment. Know the differences between bed bug bites and hives in size, color, and shape. Learn how to treat hives and bed bug bites on your skin and where these types of marks usually appear.

What Are Bed Bugs?

What Are Bed Bugs - Image By CNN

Bed bugs are small parasitic insects that focus on drinking human or animal blood to survive. These insects are very common at home and more so in your bed where they expect you to sleep to bite you. Bed bugs do not usually bring serious diseases to your life, but they do bites that at first glance look painful.

The worst thing about a bed bug bite is that you will have it on your body for up to 3 days if you don’t treat it properly. You can see tiny red marks on your skin where one or more bed bugs bit you at once. As this insect is tiny, you may not feel the sting at the moment, but you can see it when you wake up.

How Do You Get Bed Bug Bites?

How Do You Get Bed Bug Bites

You can get bed bug bites easily by the appearance of red marks on your skin. You can see little spots on your legs, hands, or even face where the insect will bite you. These marks may be more noticeable in people with fair skin, and their skin texture may be very delicate.

The bed bug bite is distinguished from other animals by its minimal size and a good number of nearby spikes. You may have about five linear dots that are bed bug bite marks on your body.

What Are Hives?

What Are Hives

Hives or hives is nothing more than a reaction that you will have on your skin caused by an allergy from an insect bite. Hives can give you different appearances and put your very sensitive skin in the affected area. Hive outbreaks are tiny dots similar in size to rice grains.

Hives can also manifest on your skin as a giant outbreak the size of a plate. It all depends on your skin’s sensitivity. Hives can take on a red, white, or pinkish odor and can sting a lot, causing a burning sensation.

What Causes Hives?

The causes of hives on your body may be due to an allergic reaction that you took from an insect bite. When your body feels that a substance is harmful, it can protect you and release histamine. This liquid causes your body to take an allergic reaction to prevent foreign substances from entering you.

Hives can also develop from heatstroke, a rare but possible case in your body. This allergic reaction does not usually last longer, although you should go to the doctor now if you have a chronic case.

Difference between bed bug bites and hives

You have to find out what the differences are between bed bug bites and hives to identify them quickly:

  • Size

You can see a very small pencil eraser’s sizer with bed bug bites. You should know that bed bug bites tend to be several, so you must identify them and see their actual size.

With hives, you may see large or very small outbreaks like rice grains in the form of a rash. Some hives can be the size of a coin, although this all depends on how sensitive your skin is.

  • Color

To identify bed bug bites by color, you should know that they are mostly red. The skin around the bed bug bite is usually natural in color.

Hives marks can vary in color from yellow, red, or pink depending on your skin’s sensitivity. You can see an inflamed area with yellowish tones on your skin with hives so that you can easily identify it.

  • Shape

Both types of marks are very high and can change shape depending on your skin’s sensitivity. In a few days, you may notice how the redness of your skin with hives or bed bug bites disappears. Hive marks do not meet a pattern, but bed bug bites tend to be linear or zig-zag.

How To Treat Hives And Bed Bug Bites

You have to know how you can treat hives and bed bug bites at home by doing the following:

  • Go to the doctor to determine what problem you have with your skin

The first thing you have to do is go to a dermatologist to see what problem you have with your skin. This medical expert will tell you if you have bed bug bites or hives with proper treatment to deal with it.

  • Use anti-inflammatories

For both hives and bed bug bites, you can use anti-inflammatories to ease the pain and change the wound’s appearance. You can use different drugs to remove the redness and swell on your skin.

  • Use medications for the immune system

You should resort to medications that help you treat the immune system in your body with hive wounds. These medications are also great for bed bug bites on your body.

Where Do Hives Appear On Your Body?

The welts on your body from bed bugs usually appear on the extremities or on your chest where the insect will bite you. If you sleep in pajamas, the parasitic insect may bite you on the face, leaving large marks. In case you sleep in shorts, the bed bug will bite you on your legs where you have less sensitivity asleep.

For urticaria, you will have marks all over your body’s chest and back, although it goes to the extremities in chronic cases. The form of this allergic reaction is variable. It is usually large, red, and can make your skin very swollen. You can have hives for a few hours, days, or weeks depending on how sensitive your skin is and the medications you apply.

Are Family Members Affected?

By the bite of bed bugs, all the while of your family can be affected and suffer. These parasitic insects can be in your room’s mattress and in one of visiting rooms giving bites. They are skin tags that are not contracted by body-to-body contact but by an insect that has formed an infestation at home.

Hives are a problem of your skin that can be derived from many external factors you expose yourself to. This allergic reaction will not pass between bodies to rest easy when you are around your family.

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