Bed Bugs Vs Mosquito Bites

Bed Bugs Vs Mosquito Bites

At first glance, bed bug bites can be very similar to mosquito bites. So if you want to distinguish them, it is better to pay attention to the signs that can help you, which insect bit you.

If you know what plague has bitten you, you can seek the right treatment to relieve itching and skin irritation. Below you will learn more about this topic so that you can distinguish between the two bites.

Mosquito Bites vs. Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs are small, light brown to reddish-brown insects that feed on humans and animals’ blood. When they bite, their body turns reddish and swollen.

To feed, the bed bugs will pierce the skin with their elongated beak to extract the blood. While mosquitoes are also small, people can see them with the naked eye and family of flies. Mosquitoes can transmit diseases that can be deadly.

Mosquito bites appear on the skin as reddish and white bumps that appear minutes after the bite. After one day, the bump turns reddish-brown.

They are often challenging to identify because people do not know what bed bug bites look like. Not all people have the same reactions; there are people who the bites look like rashes, other red welts, and other raised blisters.

 As there is a high range of reactions, it is very difficult for people to identify bed bug bites vs. mosquito bites.

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Difference Between A Bed Bug Bite and A Mosquito Bite

Although they are difficult to identify, some signs can help them know which insect the culprit is of their bites. First, mosquitoes usually leave one or two large distinctive marks on the skin.

You can also very likely feel when the mosquito is biting you because they are painful and have no numbing power to exit like bed bugs.

  • Bed bug bites are in groups

Bed bug bites can occur in groups; it is not uncommon for you to see bed bug bites instead of just one. As stated above, you will not notice because bed bugs can numb the skin with their saliva. Other signs are:

  • Mosquito bites don’t last

If you don’t touch them and leave them alone, mosquito bites will disappear quickly. The hated red bumps and itchiness are symptoms that accompany these bites but do not last long.

  • Mosquito bites bite faster

Another difference between bed bug bites vs. mosquito bites is that mosquito bites start to sting right away. You may feel itchy before the red bump or swelling appears. When it is a bed bug bite, you will see the rash before it starts to itch.

  • Bed bugs can leave red stains on sheets

When they bite, bed bugs can leave surprises on the sheets; you can see dark red to black stains on your sheets. If you see stains on your sheets and bites on your body, it will be a sign that you have bed bugs.

You see, these stains on your sheets are digested blood; this happens because bed bugs can excrete some blood after their feast.

How to Treat Mosquito Bites and Bed Bug Bites?

You should know that bed bug bites’ main symptoms are itching and redness on the bed bugs vs. mosquito bites. You can treat these symptoms by washing the area with soap and water so that you can clean the wound and remove any dirt.

You can also use an anti-itch cream to reduce itching and swelling. You can use an oral antihistamine also to relieve the itching, plus it will help you sleep. You can put on a cold compress to relieve itching temporarily.

To treat mosquito bites, you can use over-the-counter pain relievers, antihistamines, or topicals to relieve the itching. You can also use cold water compresses and should not scratch.

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