What is Best Bait for Mouse Cage Traps?

best bait for rat traps

Mice not only destroy things in the house but also have the potential to spread many diseases. There are many articles on the Internet about catching rats with mouse cage traps, most of which are limited to introducing methods, but not the key details of the operation. This article will let you learn about putting the best bait for mice cage traps, based on years of experience of our pest control.

What is the best bait for mice cage traps?

Different mice need different bait to catch, so it is hard to tell which is the best. The correct method is to put different food in the mice traps and then pay attention to observe their preferences. For example, we have once trapped a big rat with ordinary tofu.

Different places use different baits. For example, in the supermarket, using ham sausage as bait, rats may not fall for it (too much ham sausage in the supermarket), if you put some meat then the rats will eat it.

What kind of food is suitable for bait?

  • Bait with a strong fragrance

Rats have similar hobbies as humans, except that some foods (such as rice, etc.) are not easy to arrange in the mouse cage above the trigger hook. And sausages, cakes and bread, and other food is not only a strong scent, a deadly lure for rats, and not fragile easy to cut pieces, very suitable for bait for rat cages. At the same time, there are fried meats, all suitable for rat cage bait.

  • Baits that can be kept for a long time

Sometimes there are not many mice in the house, so if you put sausages, cakes and bread, and other bait, it is very easy to mold and spoils. You can then use the peanuts, melons, etc., as baits to the mouse cage traps, as this bait can be kept for a long time, and it is suitable for mouse cage traps for a long time.

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Things You Need to Know Before Putting the Bait in your mouse Cage Traps

Mouse Cage Traps 2021

  • Let Rats Feel Safe to Eat Bait

The rats’ alertness is very high. Once someone is close to them, they can feel dangerous. Even if there is a food temptation, the rat is also the first test to eat and will drag the food away from the original place before eating. According to this characteristic of rats, we need to find ways to make rats feel “safe.” So, After Putting the bait in the mice traps, you need to put some food in the cage and trigger outside as well. You need to attract rats and let them eat and feel safe. 

  • Put the Baits in a Corner

The mouse cage traps must be placed on the mouse path (such as on both sides of the door). If you do not know, you can just put some food in a corner and let the rats eat for a few days. This can also make the mouse think that this is a safe place, and then put the rat cage trap, the chance of success will be greater. If successful, remember that the next time, let the mice cage trap be placed in the same place to maintain the crime scene and reduce the alertness.

  • Clean the Mice Cage Traps

Whether it is a new cage or an old cage, you should use boiling water or burn the cage trap to clean it. After human contact, it will leave sweat and odor on it, smelled by rats, thus increasing their alertness.

  • Wear Disposable Gloves to Put the Baits

No matter what bait is put, you should wear disposable gloves, and if it is an old cage, more gloves should be worn from the perspective of hygiene.

  • Use Mice Cage Traps with High Sensitivity

It is recommended to use some rat cages with high sensitivity, the probability of capture will be much higher.

If there is no success, maybe the food is not attractive enough, or the location is not correct, try to change several more baits or change the locations.


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