Bugs In Chia Seeds: How To Get Rid Of Bugs In Chia Seeds Naturally

Get Rid Of Bugs In Chia Seeds Naturally

Chia seeds are known for their many nutritional properties that benefit people’s general health. They can promote the proper functioning of the metabolism, prevent people from eating more food than they should, and provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals necessary to maintain excellent health.

These seeds run the risk of being attacked and infested with insects from sowing and harvesting until they are stored in our pantry. Being seeds rich in fiber, insects feel brought because it is the perfect environment to reproduce. The good news is that there are natural alternatives to prevent these little invaders from inhabiting our chia seeds.


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Why Do You Have Bugs In Your Bag Of Chia Seeds?

Why Do You Have Bugs In Your Bag Of Chia Seeds

There are many reasons that insects feel attracted to go to chia seeds. The first reason is that these seeds have many vitamins and minerals that guarantee their nutrition and nutrition. Like all seeds, chia seeds create the ideal environment for them to coexist and proliferate easily.

It is important to remember that these small animals are carriers and transmitters of many diseases, bacteria, and parasites that endanger people’s health. For this reason, it is essential to eliminate them as soon as possible if they are found in the food you eat.

Why Are Your Chia Seeds Moving?

Why Are Your Chia Seeds Moving?

If you notice that your chia seeds move on their own, it means that they are infested with small insects called weevils. These critters are extremely small and have a very similar physical structure to the shape and shape of chia seeds, so they can get confused, which is extremely dangerous.

The weevils themselves carry deadly diseases for humans, so they are unfit for consumption. For this reason, if your chia seeds are infested with weevils, the best thing you can do is freeze them in the refrigerator and throw them in the trash to prevent them from continuing to reproduce.

Do Chia Seeds Attract Pests?

Do Chia Seeds Attract Pests

All foods in the cereal group attract insects and pests. Their accumulation and storage for a long time create the perfect environment for these insects to reproduce and live comfortably.

It is very common to see weevils inhabiting the cereals and flours in the pantry. Both foods ferment quickly and release aromas that attract them. Still, for this reason, it is necessary to keep them in containers with a lid to avoid bringing these insects.

Bugs That Look Like Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are extremely small, and today you can find many insects that physically resemble the tiny seeds. Here we list some for you to know:

  • Mites: Many types of mites, but most resemble chia seeds, are house mites and flour mites.
  • Weevils: Their resemblance to chia seeds is because their physical structure is completely black, just like the seeds.
  • Book Lice: These tiny insects can hide and camouflage themselves perfectly among chia seeds and are considered even more dangerous than weevils.
  • Shiny spider beetle: This is one of the smallest kinds of beetles, and they are highly attracted to seeds of any kind.

What Bugs Eat Chia Seeds?

The insects that tend to inhabit and ingest chia seeds are weevils. Still, some such as tobacco woodworms, the lesser grain borer (Rhyzopertha Dominica), and some types of moths can eat chia seeds.

Most importantly, people take the time to put these strategies into practice to eliminate this pest from their pantry. Insects are great transmitters of diseases and can put people’s health at great risk. The good thing is that thanks to these natural alternatives, you can get rid of those annoying insects forever, and best of all, you should not try too hard or spend a lot of money.

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How To Eliminate Bugs In the Chia Seeds Naturally?

Getting rid of weevils is not an easy task because they are among the most difficult pests to detect and eliminate. However, it is not necessary to resort to drastic measures such as pesticides because there are natural alternatives that promise good results:

  • Freeze the food where they are housed

One of the most efficient ways to prevent them from reproducing is to freeze the food where there are weevils for at least 4 or 5 whole days. This ensures that the insects will die and will not reproduce when you dispose of the food.

  • Get rid of all contaminated food

This is essential to stop its reproduction and spread all the pantry food.

  • Clean the area completely

This will ensure that they do not come near the pantry again for a while.

  • Use a natural pesticide

This will allow you to get rid of and repel them for a while completely, and best of all, these pesticides are environmentally friendly and don’t put your health at risk. 

How To Prevent the Bugs From Invading Into Your Seeds?

You don’t need to stop buying and consuming chia seeds to prevent pests and insects from bothering you. There are a wide variety of alternatives that make this possible, and best of all; they are completely natural:

  • Protect the seeds

If you usually leave the seeds in bags or containers, it is best to move them. Try to keep them in glass containers with a lid to avoid insects’ entry and keep the chia in an environment free of humidity.

  • Store them in the refrigerator

The refrigerator is a sterile and cold environment where insects cannot enter. The cold inside the refrigerator can kill them. Best of all, it is also a moisture-free environment, so there is no risk of the seeds contracting any fungus.

  • Avoid storing them for a long time

Like any other grain, Chia seeds can contract any insect if they remain in storage for a long time. After a while, they begin to expel certain aromas that attract invaders. For this reason, it is not essential to store them too much.

  • Protect them in places close to the light

Insects increase in the dark, so the best thing to prevent them from approaching chia seeds is to protect them in a place with frequent access to light.

  • Maintain cleanliness

Insects are more attracted to places where there is an accumulation of dirt, dust, and dirt. For this reason, it is essential to keep the pantry and any other place in the kitchen where you store food clean.

  • Do not place them near hot and humid places

Heat and humidity are two factors that promote the fermentation of seeds, and with this, they attract insects of all types. For this reason, it is essential to keep them in places completely free of moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bugs reside in chia seeds?

You will find a number of known culprits to be generally used in dry goods such as chia seeds. Namely, it is meal moths. To the naked eye, you might see little white worms, grubs, maggots, or perhaps even adult moths.

Do Chia Pets attract bugs?

In reality, chia seeds were originally released to the United States through the clay figures known as Chia Pets. Besides repelling insects, they are able to also eliminate pests such as cockroaches, ants, wasps and hornets. With their appealing flowers, these incredible plant is going to make a great addition to the garden of yours.

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