How To Get Rid Of Bugs On Bonsai Trees Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Bugs On Bonsai Trees

Bonsai are small trees that require constant attention and special care typical of delicate plants with very specific needs. They can be affected by excess or lack of risk, lack of light or environmental humidity, or pests or diseases (bugs).

In this guide, you will know about:

  • How to identify which insect is infecting your bonsai tree
  • How to Eliminate bugs and worms in your bonsai tree
  • Natural methods to kill flies, ants, mites, aphids, other bugs on your bonsai tree
  • And more

To care for these small trees, you must be clear from the beginning about these delicate specimens; For example, if it is in an outdoor area, it will need protection from frost, it will need to be pruned on the indicated dates, etc. So if you begin to notice that some pest or insect is affecting your bonsai, you can resort to the following steps.

Why Does My Bonsai Tree Have Bugs?

Generally, forest trees do not present great phytosanitary problems. You likely have a setback in your tree due to poor handling. Said With a bad practice, it could turn out to be the cause of the appearance of pests or diseases, given the large number of elements to control.

The setbacks suffered in this type of tree are usually related to the excesses or defects of irrigation. In the case of indoor bonsai, with the constant lack of sunlight and humidity. Each species of bonsai is adapted to a climate based on the characteristics above.

How To Eliminate Bugs On Bonsai Trees?

bonsai pests 2021 - Image By bonsaisanctum

The most common bugs or pests of bonsai are the same as any other plant can have. Fungi are the main cause of disease due to rot at the trunk base, yellow leaves, or any other weakness symptom. The ones you have to do to get rid of bugs on bonsai trees are:

  • Reduces the humidity around you

You have to protect your bonsai tree and reduce humidity completely to prevent bugs from approaching. When the stem of the bonsai tree is wet, this can be the main attraction of many bugs.

  • Remove bugs manually

If you must serve and protect the bonsai, you must remove the bugs manually when you see them on top of the tree. You must watch out for these types of trees every day because bugs could constantly attack you.

  • Apply garlic

Finally, you can apply some garlic on top of your bonsai tree to create a protective layer against bugs. You have to crush the garlic and mix it with water to create a fairly powerful insecticide.

  • Garlic clove repellent

When you do not wish to grow garlic, you are able to simply cut some garlic and then spread it around the roots of the bonsai trees.

You can place the garlic cloves in the soil and then leave them there.

Remove them and change them when they begin to rot. This can serve as a pure deterrent for aphids.

How To Eliminate the Whiteflies On Your Bonsai Tree?

Whiteflies On Your Bonsai - Image By Bugwiz

Accompanied by the high temperatures, the whitefly also arrives, a tiny insect that at first glance may look like a small white butterfly. This is usually located on the bottom of the leaves and their larvae and affects bonsai causing the paralysis of their growth. For you to get rid of whiteflies on your bonsai tree, you must do:

  • Remove bonsai leaves with larvae

You have to give your mini tree some manual care by removing all the leaves with whitefly larvae. You have to look for a small, semi-transparent lump where around 50 fly eggs are housed.

  • Use insecticides

The insecticide application must be frequent and under strict supervision to obtain an effective result for its control.

  • Spray the tree with diatomaceous earth

You can use diatomaceous earth on your bonsai tree to repel whiteflies that want to leave their larvae there. Diatomaceous earth has a strong odor that will help repel all types of flies and other insects on bonsai.

  • Apply lavender or rosemary

You can apply some lavender or rosemary on the bonsai soil so that you can ward off all the whiteflies from the tree. It is important to apply the products around the tree and not on the root directly because you can dry them.

  • Use water bags around the bonsai

Whiteflies are frightened by their reflection, and therefore, it is good that you create a trap at home using water bags. All you have to do is grab a transparent bag, fill it with water, and hang it near the bonsai to repel flies.

How To Get Rid Of The Aphids On Your Bonsai Tree?

Aphids On Your Bonsai Tree - Image By sfgate

Aphids turn out to be another type of pest that ruthlessly affects bonsai trees because they directly attack new shoots. There are several types, green, yellow, black, and brown aphids, the most common being green, and the ways to get rid of  them are:

  • Apply chemicals

You can resort to chemicals that you can usually find in a store dedicated to pest control. It is good that you use strong-smelling items so that aphids are not attracted to your bonsai tree.

  • Use lavender

Lavender can be of great help to eliminate aphids from your bonsai tree, making the area well protected.

  • Move the bonsai around

If the infestation by aphids is frequent, you only have to move the bonsai tree to another site and avoid the plague.

How To Get Rid Of Fungus Gnats On Your Bonsai Tree

Fungus Gnats On Your Bonsai Tree - Image By Reddit

For you to get rid of the fungal gnats that want to lodge in your bonsai, you must do the following:

  • Create a Homemade Trap

You can eliminate annoying fungus gnats by placing a plastic lid with vinegar on or next to the pot. You can be vinegar with a teaspoon of sugar and yeast, and in this way, you can hunt them.

  • Use Neem Oil

To eliminate pests on the ground, you must use neem oil to eliminate all fungal gnats.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

Another excellent element that you can apply to your bonsai against fungal gnats is diatomaceous earth. You should apply a little of this soil at the bonsai base to not grow the mosquito larvae.

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Your Bonsai

Ants On Your Bonsai - Image By bonsaitree

Ants are a type of insect that usually appear only if there are aphids on your bonsai because they feed on the honeyed substance. Among how you can get rid of the pest are:

  • Manual removal

You can eliminate them by finding and destroying the nests they have created, normally found in the tree’s trunk.

  • Transplant the bonsai

If a bonsai is in a pot where there are nests, you must transport it to the mainland. Then you can proceed to pulverize them. Preventive treatments are of great help for eliminating any agent that can cause damage to our plants.

How To Get Rid Of the Spider Mites On Your Bonsai Tree?

Spider Mites On Your Bonsai Tree

Mites are tiny parasites that usually settle on your plants’ adult leaves and bonsai, causing widespread defoliation. They come out in late spring to mid-fall, and the ways you can get rid of them are:

  • Buy special products against mites

They can be treated using synthetic acaricides or special products to eliminate mites that you can find in any store specialized in bonsai and plant care.

  • Use nettles or sulfur

We can also eliminate them by opting for home remedies, many of them created from nettles or sprinkling them with sulfur. Insecticides for these types of cases melt, but these types of products are not optimized to prevent a mite infestation on your bonsai. This type of product is known in science as miticides or miticides; these will always be a great tool to combat this plague.

Do You Eliminate Bugs On Your Bonsai Tree?

Bonsai trees are exposed to countless bugs and pests that threaten their nature. With the constant prevention of its caregiver, the bonsai will have a greater residence to face different pests’ attacks. For you to eliminate bugs from your bonsai tree, you must do the following:

  • Remove bugs manually

You can spend a few minutes of your time at the bonsai tree to remove bugs that are nearby. You must wear protection on your hands to prevent the insect from biting you when you touch it.

  • Apply insecticide

The best way to eliminate bugs from your bonsai is by applying insecticide to kill them by suffocation. You have to buy the best insecticide for you to have good results in protecting your tiny tree.

  • Try Some DIY home remedies

The chances are that you will get one that can kill any pest you’ve, even if you’ve no clue what the bug really is.

Although the bonsai trees can attract the pests, they are not almost as bad as other plants as fruits and veggies.

Then, they are fairly simple to care for, and some bonsai owners never have the experience to cope with any pests.

In case you are a bonsai owner who is getting rid of these pests before, leave the methods of yours for others!

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