How To Get Rid Of Bugs On Cauliflower Plants Naturally

Bugs On Cauliflower Plants

It is difficult to grow the cauliflowers well because they need a lot of care and are very sensitive to pests, frost, and heat. And you need to prevent the bugs from getting into the cauliflower plants if you want to grow them. So, Continue reading to find more details about how to get rid of bugs on cauliflowers plants.

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What Are Cauliflower Plants?

Cauliflower is a vegetable full of nutrients. It is considered a “superfood” because of its nutritional benefits. This vegetable needs much sun but also has to thrive in a cool area. They are often planted during springtime and autumn and may come out as white, purple, yellow, or orange. 

Like any other cruciferous vegetable (plant family to which the cauliflower belongs) is prone to attacks. Bugs on cauliflower are prevalent. Aphids love to gnaw their way inside a cauliflower head. Cabbage root maggots are also a staple attacker. Aside from pests, these vegetables can also suffer from diseases when not properly cared for. 

Are There Bugs On the Cauliflower Plants?

Are There Bugs On the Cauliflower Plants

The answer is a resounding YES. These bugs on any cruciferous plant will obliterate the vegetable itself and render it non-edible. Once a bug or a group of bugs infests a cauliflower bed, the plant cannot be eaten. There is a treatment, though, and this treatment is safe for the plants and the humans who will eat it upon harvest. Can it be controlled? YES. The use of insecticidal soap can prevent aphids on cauliflower. Essential oils blended with water are good to spray on cauliflower too. 

What Are Eating the Holes In Your Cauliflower Leaves?

You might be wondering why your cauliflower leaves have holes in them. Well, the best answer to that is pests. Pests or bugs eat plants, flowers, stems, and leaves too. Cabbage worms are those bugs that prey on cauliflower leaves. They also eat kale, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, and other leafy veggies. As soon as adult bugs lay their eggs on the leaves and the plants, the hatchlings eat their way to adulthood. And if you cannot control it early on, your crops will be done with, and it will be gone fast.

What Bugs Are Attracted To the Cauliflower Plants?  

These are the usual pests and bugs eating cauliflower leaves and the plant itself, too:

– Aphids

– Beetles

– Snails

– Bug eggs

– Planthoppers

They may be small insects, but these bugs can do so much damage to your plants. When they attack, these bugs will eat everything in their path. There will be nothing left to harvest if the pests are left alone to eat your crops.

Should You Be Concerned About The Cauliflower Bugs?

Yes. You should be concerned about cauliflower bugs. It can destroy your whole harvest if you do not control their infestation immediately.

Apart from eating your cauliflower, these bugs can also cause viruses to spread within your crops. Aphids transmit the cauliflower mosaic virus. Aphids on cauliflower will have visible mosaic patterns on the leaves, and the plant growth will be undersized. The head of the cauliflower will also be small compared to a typical growing head. 

Thrips, another insect, can also cause virus transmission on cauliflowers. Its infestation will distort cauliflower leaves and bring with it a virus called tomato-spotted wilt virus. It has a necrotic effect on the plant, and the insect will carry this virus all his life.

Tapeworm is also an issue in cauliflowers. Their eggs travel down in hard-to-reach areas and cannot be washed away easily. Even when cooked at high temperatures, the tapeworm and its eggs can still survive. When a human eats a cauliflower with tapeworm and its eggs, the tapeworm may reach our brains and damage it. 

Before eating a cauliflower, soak it in cornmeal. The parasites and pests will attach themselves to the cornmeal and eventually die. 

Do Pests Kill the Cauliflower?

Yes, it can. The term used on larva (the eggs) is most destructive. Pest eggs living on cauliflower leaves and plants are most destructive to it. They suck on the sap, leaves, and stems. These bugs are like vampires preying on your cauliflower plants!

How To Eliminate Bugs On Cauliflower Naturally

There are natural ways to get rid of cauliflower bugs: 

  1. Diatomaceous Earth – DE is a white powder that is a natural bug repellent and killer. While it is not visible to the naked eye, DE has sharp edges, and it can pierce through the insect’s bodies. Upon contact, DE causes dehydration to the insect. If they have ingested it, their intestines will be damaged. They will die quickly.
  2. DIY Bug Spray – You can make a bug spray at home that can eliminate cauliflower bugs. Two to three tablespoons of dishwashing soap and a quart of water will suffocate the bugs. Just spritz enough to kill the bugs. Do not overspray.
  3. Insecticidal soap – There are lots of organic insecticidal soaps and oils on the market. Use it according to package instructions.
  4. Harvest your cauliflower on time. Do not let it go overripe.
  5. Maintain your vegetable garden well. Please keep it clean all the time.
  6. Neem Oil – Neem oil has always been known as a bug repellent and pest killer. It will coat your cauliflower upon application, and it does not need re-applying. Neem oil may burn the plant if overdone.
  7. Other Plants – If you plant cauliflower together with broccoli, beets, spinach, and radish, among others, it can repel these bugs. Chrysanthemum has that stink that bugs hate, so plant near it.
  8. Beer Trap – Beer can kill bugs like snails and slugs. Put a saucer with beer on it beside your plants overnight.

How Do You Get Rid Of the Aphids On Cauliflower?

How Do You Get Rid Of Aphids On Cauliflower

According to some research:

  1. Please get rid of aphids by soaking them in a tub of water right after harvesting the cauliflower. It will float away from the plants.
  2. You can use soapy water and then spray the cauliflower to kill aphids. 
  3. You can also blast it with water while holding the head.
  4. Another method is to set up the sticky traps so that they can help you trap them. This also prevents the aphids from moving on the stems of cauliflower.

Final Thoughts

Pests can seriously harm your cauliflower garden if you let it, more so if you are a cauliflower farmer and has a vast land full of the vegetable. If cauliflower is your business, you know what to do with it. Do not ignore the minor signs you see that your cauliflower might be infested. It is better to be vigilant early on than to see your harvest destroyed by a worm.

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