Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches Photo by pestcontrolhacks

You should know the Bugs that look like cockroaches based on their shape, size, and other similarities. Find out what the types of cockroaches are and what their differences from other Bugs are. Know the difference between the appearance of a baby cockroach and an adult or the wood and common cockroach.

You must acquire all the information about the insect to know how to identify them and eliminate an infestation at home. You should focus on each insect’s small differences that have something in common: owning your home.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

Cockroaches usually have a very nasty look where you can see their three legs on their bodies. You will see the largest pair in the lower part of the body, then two more pairs of smaller size would come. On their head, they have two antennae so long that they exceed their total size; their head is tiny compared to the body.

You can see the cockroaches of brown color with some black details on their body; their legs are semi-transparent. They are Bugs found in almost all parts of the world; the most common is the Blatta Orientalis. This species is usually 3 to 4cm long.

Types Of Cockroaches

You can appreciate several types identified by their color, size, and qualities like a cockroaches’ flight. All cockroaches are omnivorous, so their food is based on any common and unusual nutrient element. Among the types of cockroaches, there are only two that can be in your house, which are:

  • Germanic Cockroach and Brown Band Cockroach

These two types of cockroaches are very common and feed on the kinds of things you have around the house. Among other species of the insect are:

  • American Cockroach and Oriental Cockroach

These Bugs are a little less common to see, but they fulfill the same infesting factor. You must know how to identify this insect to prevent its infestation by using measures to get them out of the house.

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Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

  • Cockroach Vs. Water Bug

Among the first Bugs that look like cockroaches are black beetles or water bugs. At first glance, both Bugs look very similar but have enormous differences, mainly due to their bite. A cockroach is peaceful and only tries to evade you while the water bug attacks if it is cornered, and its bite hurts.

The water bug is black while the cockroach, according to its type, is brown, a very noticeable difference. Black beetles can exist in the water while cockroaches cannot, but their bodies are more resistant. While you can quickly kill a bug, the process of doing it with roaches is more complicated.

  • German Vs. American Cockroach

One difference from the American and German cockroach is their size because an adult German cockroach is ½ inch long. American cockroaches are among the largest types of Bugs, reaching 1 to 2 inches in their adulthood. The American insect is also usually flying while the German is not, but it is very fast in its movement.

Both roaches can be found in your home and can have more than 1,000 young throughout the year. The American cockroach loves hot climates because it likes a dry environment, while the German does not worry about it. German cockroaches are the most likely to carry disease due to their infestation in homes, apartments, and other places.

  • Cockroach Vs. Palmetto Bug

Among other Bugs that look like cockroaches is the Palmetto for its typical appearance. The Palmetto is native to the Caribbean and the florid islands, while cockroaches’ infestation is distributed throughout the world. As a means of defense, Palmetto causes an odor on its body to ward off predators while the cockroach does not.

Worldwide, a cockroach, regardless of its type, is a pest while the palmetto insect is a common animal. You can kill a Palmetto very easily due to its slow movement, but roaches are more elusive.

  • Cockroach Vs. Cricket

The only similarity that crickets have to cockroaches is their three pairs of legs all over their body. You can easily identify a cricket from a cockroach by its more developed hind legs. Crickets are greyish, while cockroaches are brown with black details on their bodies.

Cricket is not a pest, and its natural habitat is outdoors while the cockroach is in your home. The cockroach’s resistance is very extensive, whereas cricket is easy to kill if you put your mind to it.

  • Cockroach Vs. Beetle

The most dominant Bugs that look like cockroaches are beetles, although they retain their appearance differences. A beetle is usually tiny if you compare it to a cockroach that is twice its size. The resistance of the cockroach this time is minimal against the beetle that has a harder bark.

In its entire life, a beetle has a 4-stage metamorphosis, while the cockroach has three stages. Due to a more complex metamorphosis, the beetle is superior to the cockroach, although it is not a pest to you.

  • Adult Vs. Baby Cockroach

Size is the main characteristic for you to identify an adult cockroach and a baby cockroach. Cockroaches at an early age tend to have less resistance, so that you can kill them very easily. An adult cockroach already has a tougher bark on its skin, and therefore, it is more resistant to the blows you give it.

No matter the insect’s size, both are pests that you should avoid in your home as soon as possible. You have to buy an effective poison for both types of Bugs; it is more effective in baby cockroaches. The faster you act, the better preventing the cockroach from reproducing and multiplying inside your house.

  • Cockroach Vs. Wood Cockroach

The wood cockroach is usually the type of insect that will target the wood outside and not inside your home. You can identify them with their apparent size and yellowish color that protrudes from these wood mounds. They are pests like other cockroaches, but they do not focus on your house but their surroundings.

If a wood cockroach gets into your house, you probably won’t find what to do because that is not its habitat. You must use special poisons for this pest; they are brilliant and challenging to eliminate. Wood cockroaches do not fly, but they are intimidating because of their size, measuring almost twice that of a common cockroach.


By knowing the Bugs that resemble common cockroaches, you can identify them and take steps to eliminate them. It is very easy to find out the difference between crickets, beetles, or even cockroaches of different types. When you know what plague you are dealing with, you must make the corresponding home remedies or buy an effective poison.

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