Bugs that Look Like Ticks

Bugs that look like ticks

It is necessary to move quickly if you see a bug that looks like a tick. This is because ticks carry harmful diseases as it is very dangerous for humans, and there are several insects that look like a tick. Also, you might know what a tick looks like. However, you don’t need to worry much. Hence let us look at some bugs that look like ticks but are not.

Bugs that look like a tick

Head louse

Head Louse - Image By Wikipedia

Head lice is not a tick, but it looks quite similar to a tick. It is something that is extremely difficult to get rid of. It also makes your scalp miserable, itching, head lice are very irritating, but this does not carry any disease which the tick has.

Poplar weevil

Poplar weevil - Image By Psu

Poplar weevil brown stink bugs which look like a tick, poplar weevils are a type of insect which cause extensive harm to poplar trees, these are six-legged bugs which is a type of beetle, and it is completely harmful to humans. However, the poplar weevils look a bit different as the tick bodies are to be flat and the weevil’s body is humped, and the weevils can fly, but the ticks cannot fly. Therefore, there are few common types of ticks, which are the soft tick, American dog tick, and brown dog tick. Let us know more about them.

Common tick types 

The common tick types have eight legs, and they cannot fly. These are few ticks that are less known but a threat to humans.

Soft tick

soft tick - Image By Knau

The soft tick has a mouth underneath their bodies and also soft bodies. They do not attach to humans, but there is a chance that one can hop into humans only if their buildings have an infestation and be such small creatures they don’t have any trouble moving around. And they are more common in the western united states. 

American dog ticks

American dog ticks - Image By entnemdept/ufl/edu

This type of tick can sometimes cause serious harm, and they will not find any difficulty jumping to a human host. These ticks are rare to find indoors, and in case if you find any, then it might be your pet’s fault, so it is always better to check your pet so that you don’t accidentally harbor them.

Brown dog tick

Brown dog tick - Image By arrownj

This is another brown dog tick that carries diseases and is a quarter inch in length, however. They are large and easy to spot, and also, they are not often found indoors. They usually prefer wooded and outdoor areas. These ticks carry disease and borne illness.

Preventing ticks

To restart the population, these ticks can travel miles on a host to deposit and lay eggs. You are introduced to the tick habit when you spend time outside, but you can prevent yourself from this by wearing long sleeves and pants and also by using bug spray, which can be very helpful because ticks are not strong and cannot bite through your clothes.

Identifying ticks

Not all brown insects are ticks, there are some spiders which also look like a tick, and to avoid the bites, you need to have information about the type of tick because identifying can help you a lot.

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