Can Bed Bugs Live In A Garage Or Storage Unit?

Can Bed Bugs Live In A Garage?

Bed bugs can create a nuisance in your house and cause harm to you and your loved ones. So, you should consider a thorough inspection of your home as well as the storage unit or garage for the presence of bed bugs. You should know that bed bugs were almost eradicated a while ago, but now they are too hard to kill. They have built up the immunity to survive through every pesticide that once had a lethal effect throughout these years. 

Can Bed Bugs Live In A Garage?

Bed bugs are likely to survive in the environment of a garage or storage unit if you keep something that carries live bed bugs. However, you should know that they are likely to explore the place in search of the host after some time. But if they cannot find the host, eventually they will die. 

In addition, having bed bugs in your garage can possibly infest or re-infest your home. So, it would be better for you to use some kill traps and stop them from coming anywhere near you. Also, you can use pest spray to get rid of them before infesting your home again. 

Can Bed Bugs Live In Plastic Containers?

No, bed bugs hate smooth plastic materials where they cannot climb and infest the area. However, you should know that placing small items in a sealed heavy-duty plastic container or bag will keep the bed bugs from infesting the things. Apart from this, even after having an infested house, you can still place clutter in a plastic container, making the elimination process much easier. 

How Long Do the Bed Bugs Live In A Plastic Bag?

In a recent study, bed bugs were kept inside a plastic bag at 0 degrees temperature. Bed bugs were eliminated after 2-3 days. That means they could survive the plastic bags for 2-3 days, even at 0 degrees. When experimenting with cold or heat with plastic bags, be careful because if you want to eliminate the bed bugs, then the bag and its contents must reach the desired temperature to kill them. 

Can Bed Bugs Survive Outside In Summer?

Bed bugs are less likely to survive the outside environment in summer if the temperature exceeds 49 degrees (120 degrees Fahrenheit). Usually, this could not happen outside or may be possible in some places. Unfortunately, that means the temperature in summer cannot make the population of bed bugs extinct. 

Can You Bomb A Storage Unit For Bed Bugs?

Yes, you can bomb the storage unit to eliminate bed bugs as it is the most effective way to kill insects. But you should know that every insect would be hard-pressed to remain inside the unit during fumigation. Therefore, the primary purpose of using a bed bug bomb is that you don’t have to spray the chemical or killing agent individually. That means you have to put it down somewhere that it could spray properly. 

Can Storage Unit Get Bed Bugs?

Yes, you can get bed bugs in your storage units as they feed on humans. Bud begs are likely to be found everywhere because even if they don’t find a host to survive on, they can still live for 12 months without food. So, don’t get surprised when you see them in your storage unit. 

How Long Do Bed Bugs Last In A Storage Unit?

As discussed above, they need humans to survive, and even without any host, they could live for 12 months. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they lurk into your storage unit, but actually, they were brought there in something. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see bed bugs in your storage unit. All you need to do is find the infested area and get rid of it as soon as possible. 

Can Bed Bugs Live In A Microwave?

Can Bed Bugs Live In A Microwave?

No, bed bugs cannot live in the microwave because their heat can help kill every stage of bed bugs. You already know that bed bugs cannot survive the intense heat. However, this kind of technique is only used when people have to decontaminate a sensitive item. 

How To Get the Bed Bugs Out Of The Garage

How To Get the Bed Bugs Out Of The Garage

As you already know, bed bugs are becoming immune to pesticides and other products. But you should know that there are some other ways too, which could help you kill bed bugs and their entire infestation. 

  • Take Away The Old Furniture

The old furniture is usually found in the garage or other useless materials that you were going to dump but not yet. So, if you suspect bed bugs in your old furniture, that means you have an infestation in your garage. You should take immediate measures like dumping the old furniture, or you can make a DIY spray to repel or kill on contact. And after a week, inspect again for bed bugs infestation. 

  • Traps And Lures 

Another great way to get rid of bed bugs from your garage is to use traps, which will attract these insects and stop them from further infesting your house. You can place a lure in between the garage and the house to keep them at bay. 

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How To Prevent Bed Bugs In A Storage Unit 

As you already know that bed bugs can lurk inside your house, which means either you have brought the bed bugs into the units or you became the victim of infestation in other units. So, let’s discuss how you can prevent bed bugs from infesting your area. 

Preventive Measures

  • First, you need to closely examine the entire facility, even if it is well kept. 
  • After that, you should use plastic boxes to pack and seal your belongings. You should know that plastic boxes are way better than cardboard boxes. 
  • Spray pesticides on the storage unit. Though bed bugs are hard to kill, these sprays can repel them effectively. 

It would be better to keep checking your storage unit from time to time as it will help you suspect infestation problems so that you can kill them efficiently.

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