Can Bed Bugs Live In Clothes?

Can Bed Bugs Live In Clothes?

Many people wonder if bed bugs can live in clothes, but it is unlikely to happen for many experts. But you need to know that although these insects do not live in the clothes that you usually wear, they can live in the clothes that you keep stored in the drawers of your closet.

If you travel, it is likely that if you stay in a space infested by bed bugs, they will take over your suitcase. For this reason, experts recommend that it is important to wash all the items you had brought when you arrive on a trip.

Bed bugs are very annoying insects, and once they cause an infestation, it is challenging to get rid of them. Therefore, you must take preventive measures when you notice their presence.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Clothes?

Bed bugs are very flat-bodied, and this is the reason why they can live in any space in your home without you realizing it. Bed bugs live in clothes and any other article where they can continue to reproduce and survive. It is not common for bed bugs to walk on your clothes, especially during the day, because they are nocturnal insects.

But if you have clothes in your closet drawers that you don’t use often, bed bugs may be living there, and you haven’t noticed it yet. Therefore, when a bed bug infestation occurs, you should do extreme cleaning in your home so that no evidence of them remains.

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Why Have Bed Bugs Infested Your Clothes?

Bed bugs are nocturnal insects, and they like to live very close to their Food Source. Bed bugs are one of the most dangerous pests because they only feed on the blood of humans. Bed bugs indeed live in clothes, as well as in your shoes and luggage bags.

If you don’t clean your clothes properly and wash your clothes often, bed bugs can stay on your clothes for a long time. If you leave clothing lying on an armchair after using it, bed bugs can take over that space to begin their infestation.

How Do Bed Bugs Get in Your Clothes?

Now that you know that bed bugs can live in clothes, you should take some precautions to avoid an infestation with this nasty bug. If you travel and are in a place infested by bed bugs, they can easily enter your luggage bag and travel with you to many places.

For this reason, you should wash all your clothing items immediately, including those you wear daily such as those that you leave stored for a long time in the drawers of your closet. You can wash clothes infested by bed bugs yourself since a laundry probably will not accept clothing infested by this pest.

Will Bed Bugs Bite You if Your Wear Infested Clothes?

Although bed bugs cannot penetrate fabrics, this does not mean that your clothing can protect you from their bites. Bed bugs feed on human blood and use a beak to suck it. Bed bugs cannot transfer some items of clothing.

Bed bugs cannot penetrate the fabric used to make pajamas, and if it is loose, they can enter under it to bite you. Bed bugs do not fly, so if you find them on your clothes, it is because you have left your clothes stacked in a place that is easy for them to access.

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