Can Bed Bugs Live In Curtains?

Can Bed Bugs Live In Curtains?

Bed bugs are those ugly, flat, reddish little animals, as small as an apple seed and completely disgusting. Their tiny size makes them invisible, and they can hide during the day in any crevice or near beds, furniture, chairs; any place is ideal for taking shelter.

At night, these hideous little vampires go out bloodthirsty in search of food. Their saliva contains an anticoagulant substance that they secrete while feeding. Although there is no risk of infectious disease from a bed bug bite, it is not a pleasant experience. The bite becomes inflamed and forms red bumps, much like those caused by mosquitoes.

Do Bed Bugs Like Curtains?

Do Bed Bugs Like Curtains?

One of the best skills of these animals is their ability to find hiding places. They can be found comfortable almost anywhere that keeps them out of light, and curtains can be a good hiding place. Fabric curtains are usually quite a pleasant place for bed bugs. The folds of drapery fabrics can be a good hiding place, so they will find it attractive. The fabric is also a very conducive material to lay their eggs as it maximizes the adherence of the substance they use to protect them.

However, it is not the first place where he would hide. The food possibilities are scarce for us, and the danger of being attacked by another predator is also great, so do not think them fools. Although the place seems conducive, the amount of other places within the room, much more conducive, makes it the last place where you would find bed bugs unless the room is infested. It is much more likely to find them in the bed, closet, or wardrobe clothes or on the carpet.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are the same as ticks, and any other bug sucks blood. There can be many answers about their origin. However, the only thing that is worth knowing, and that is known with certainty, is that they are where there are humans and animals. 

These are essentially insects that can come from anywhere and that you can carry without knowing them. Whether you use public transport or not, have gone to a hotel or were camping, in any of these places you may have found bed bugs and taken them home without knowing it. Anyone can carry a bed bug and leave it at home without intention. 

Hotels and hostels, being public places, can be a breeding ground for bed bugs, even when they are excessively rigorous with cleaning. It only takes one to leave little eggs and multiply.

How Do Bed Bugs Get In Curtains?

For bed bugs to reach the curtains, many things need to happen first. In general, they look for the place where they are closest to their feeding possibilities, that is, the bed. It is many places where there is a lot of light. Some will likely start exploring to find places a little darker; however, curtains, although their folds can form quite cozy spaces for bed bugs, will not necessarily be your main choice.

However, it must remember that the curtains are glued to the walls, and any cracks in them can be an excellent place. Being in contact with the curtain can cause some to lay their eggs there since the sticky substance’s adhesion in the eggs is quite tough and sticks very well to the fabric. So if you already have bed bugs in your curtains, it may be a good time to look for an exterminator.

Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Curtains?

It is not common, but it is possible. The curtain fabric is a great place for egg sacks to stick together. In the sheets, clothes, even some lamps that do not have much use, they can be places for bed bugs to lay their eggs. 

Any place that allows them to stick their bags will be good. However, the curtains’ movement and the heat they receive during the day, plus how far it can be from its main source of food, make it one of the least likely, but if the house or room is infested, sure you will find them in the curtains.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Net Curtains?

Can Bed Bugs Live In Net Curtains - Image By servicesutra

It is possible. However, it is not their main habitat. They will most likely seek to make their nests near your bed or keep clothes as close to their main food source as possible. Although they can survive for a very long time without feeding, bed bugs live on blood, just like ticks, so exploration is one of their strategies. However, they will not travel extremely long distances, of course for a bed bug, in search of food.

In the case of net curtains, it is highly unlikely that bed bugs will find them attractive. For them, darkness is what they look for when it comes to finding shelter. However, the possibility of them sticking their roe bags there could not be ruled out. Everything will depend on the type of network and the size of the mesh.

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Is It Possible To Find Bed Bug Feces On The Shower Curtain?

Shower curtains are completely different from a window curtain. Mainly, the material with which they are made is completely different. While a window curtain is made of fabric, the shower is plastic which does not allow the bed bug legs to have a way to stick to them to climb and do their bed bug things.

Another element that prevents the presence of bed bugs in the shower is water. Bed bugs are hydrophobic, so they do not need them, and they do not like them, they do not feel any attraction to them, and they prefer much drier places.

Why Do Bed Bugs Hide In Curtains?

Why Do Bed Bugs Hide In Curtains? - Image By stampedepestcontrol

Bed bugs mate by traumatic insemination, which means that the female’s shell suffers during the act, so it is common for them to look for places far from the nest to get away from the males. These places are likely to be relatively close. 

For example, if the nest is in bed, the females may look for somewhere towards the ends, far enough away from the males but with similar characteristics. In this case, if they are near the bed or if the nest is very large and there are many females, it may serve as a den to lay the eggs.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Curtains?

Killing bed bugs is a process that you can do at home, although that will only kill bed bugs but will not prevent them from returning. If you have bed bugs in your curtains, it may be in other places as well.

  • Water, detergents, and temperature are deadly. Washing is an effective way to remove bed bugs and eggs.
  • Don’t let them spread. If you take the curtain or the sheet and try to put it in the washing machine, they are sure to run away. To prevent this from happening, but the clothes in a bag or a tub. This will kill the bed bugs and leave them inside. Please get rid of the bag by inserting it into another to avoid inconvenience.
  • Call the exterminator. This would be the simplest and safest way since the insecticides they use will ward off any other critters that may want to enter your house.


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