Can Bed Bugs Live In The Kitchen?

Can Bed Bugs Live In The Kitchen

When you have some insects at home, like bed bugs, you may be concerned about some things in your infestation. You can have a beautiful kitchen, very clean and tidy, but the area can be affected by bed bugs. You should know if bed bugs can live in the area because some things attract them or the environment is pleasant.

Learn why bed bugs have infested your kitchen, how they got into the area, and if the bug could live in your appliances. You should also know if bed bugs lay eggs in your kitchen, exacerbating their infestation at home. Finally, you must learn how to get rid of bed bugs in the kitchen using borax or other repellents.

Why Have Bed Bugs Infested Your Kitchen?

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You can have a bed bug infestation in your kitchen for many reasons, but mainly because of the hiding places that the area guarantees. The parasitic insect can preserve its life in the kitchen and still have contact with your skin. You can see a huge infestation of bed bugs in your kitchen, hiding in appliances, cabinets, and other areas.

How Did Bed Bugs Get Into Your Kitchen?

Bed bugs can carry into your kitchen from various areas such as your patio, living room, bedroom, or neighboring apartment. You will not know exactly where the bed bug infestation came from in the kitchen. You have to think about eliminating it.

Can Bed Bugs Live In Kitchen Appliances?

When bed bugs infest your kitchen, they can live in almost any area they can enter. Appliances can be a good hiding place for bed bugs, as can cabinets or holes in your walls.

Do Bed Bugs Live In Kitchen Cabinets?

Bed bugs can easily live in your kitchen cabinets and form an infestation if you leave them there. You have to constantly check these cabinets to eliminate the pest and thus avoid a future infestation.

What About Bed Bugs In The Kitchen Sink?

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Although bed bugs don’t love humidity, your kitchen sink may be another hiding place for them. These insects can take the sink as their new home and leave the area unsightly.

Can Bed Bug Eggs Live In Kitchens?

Bed bugs can lay their eggs and leave them in the kitchen until they hatch and create their infestation. This type of home infestation is problematic in that you will have thousands of bed bugs running around the kitchen.

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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In The Kitchen?

You can try to get rid of bed bugs in the kitchen using different natural repellents such as:

  • Diatomaceous earth

You can turn to diatomaceous earth to kill the bed bugs that have been living in your kitchen for a long time. You have to take the diatomaceous powder and apply it to the infected area like the cabinet or the sink. You can see how the bed bug infestation decreases until the kitchen is completely purified in a short time.

  • Borax

Boric acid may be the next natural repellent you can use against bed bugs that live in your kitchen. This element emits an odor that repels the insect, keeping it completely away from the infested area.

  • Lavender

You can also turn to lavender to kill bed bugs that have been living in your kitchen for months. You have to clean your kitchen with a cleaning product made up of lavender to kill the bug. The effect lavender causes on the bed bug are suffocating, so the insect will die in seconds.

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