Can Bed Bugs Live In Walls?

Can Bed Bugs Live In Walls?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that can be everywhere, without you even noticing them. Bed bugs feed on human blood spatially and seek the best way to stay close to their host. So when these insects enter your home and cause an infestation, it will be a big problem for you.

Bed bug survival skills are incredible, so they can hide in any crevasse or anywhere they can quietly breed. Bed bugs do not have the necessary legs to climb in some places, especially those with a smooth texture.

However, they are so skilled that they can get anywhere, climbing over other objects where they can walk easily.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Walls?

These bugs live in cracks walls, no matter how small they are. If your wall has a crack that a card can easily pass through, this is an ideal place for bed bugs to survive there.

The walls are easily accessible for bed bugs since most are full of appliances and different objects that these insects can easily climb. The most appropriate walls for bed bugs to live there will have the following characteristics:

  • Peeling wallpaper
  • Cracks
  • Loose plugs
  • Skirting boards in poor condition

These nasty insects will be able to climb walls in search of a home for their eggs. Although they cannot jump, bed bugs can climb certain wall textures to survive or stay close to their host.

Can Bed Bugs Travel Through Walls?

Bed bugs are insects that cannot fly or jump, but this does not mean that they cannot climb walls. Bed bugs can crawl anywhere in your home, and you won’t notice it because of its tiny body size. Bed bugs can live in walls; however, they cannot get through.

There is no possibility that bed bugs can punch a hole in the wall from one side to the other for them to enter. But as if they can climb on the walls, they can travel throughout your home in search of their host. Bed bugs are so skilled that if you live in one building, they can move from your apartment to another without any problem.

Bed bugs can travel approximately 30 to 40 feet to stay close to a host. Therefore, areas not treated against these insects can quickly become infested.

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How to Get Bed Bugs out of Walls

By following the instructions below, you can get rid of bed bugs on your walls:

  • Clean the walls: To remove excess bed bugs, the first thing to do is clean the walls. You can help yourself with a hose or hand vac. It will be easier for you to reach all difficult surfaces to access with a vacuum cleaner. Sealed vacuums are the best option for this task.
  • Perform a steam cleaning: Steam clean any crevices and cracks in the walls. With a steamer, you can penetrate all the cracks in the walls, and it will be an excellent option because the heat kills the bed bugs. You must apply steam to all wall surfaces.
  • Use bed bug spray: Spray this product on all corners of the walls, and you will see quick results.

Other very effective options are to use residual pesticides and seal the hiding places you have found of the bed bugs.

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