Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood Floors?

Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood Floors

Are you also fed up with bed bugs in your house? It can be so irritating because they bite you and can cause allergies and infection to your skin. When you go for the bedding at night, these tiny insects feed on your face, neck, arms, and hands, which can cause infection, and there can be scars.

These bed bugs mostly hide in your bedding, and you might find them in the wood flooring. If they find a spot to hide, then they can infest the wood floor.

If there are cracks in the floor and under the bed, then it is the best area for the bed bugs to hide, or it can be the best home for them. They even love to live in your bedding and mattress. If you want to get rid of the bed bugs, you first need to get rid of the cracks.

There are many homemade remedies that you can choose so that you can get rid of those bed bugs without any harmful chemicals. Still, if they are not getting killed, then it becomes important to call the professional pest control so that they can give you some relief.


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Can These Tiny Pests Live On the Wooden Floor?

Bed bugs, these insects can infest the wooden floor; they access you to feed. The infestations of bed bugs star when the female bed bug finds its way to your house. They cannot reproduce alone; it means it requires a male and a female.

But once they mate, then the female can lay eggs for weeks. When they come to your house, these females start looking for their place or start infestations. They look for the dark and hidden place, and if you talk about the wood floor, it is the perfect place for them to hide.

If there are hidden cracks in the floor, that can be the secure place for them, and these bed bugs come out in the night and look for the warmth and the CO2 you breathe out.

There can be a serious infestation, and they look for places to lay their eggs. It increases the chances to move the floor if there are more females.

How Long Can Bed Bugs Live in Wood?

If there are bed bugs in your house, they can live on the wooden floor or even the furniture. They can live in there even without even feeding for 20 to 400 days. But it also depends on the temperature and humidity. These bed bugs can hide in the wood floor or any other wooden place as they need a place to hide, but they will prefer to live in your bedding or mattress so that they can get something to feed on.

Signs of Bed Bugs on Wood

Signs of Bed Bugs on Wood

If you do not have any idea about yourself, you can get to know whether there are bed bugs on the wood. If you see the harborage in the bedroom hardwood floor, then it is because these bed bugs prefer to be near the host, which means they will not be more than 6 feet away. If you have an infested floor of wood, it is a sign that you have a severe bed bug problem.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Wood Floors?

One of the best and easy ways to kill the bed bugs is by using the sprays.

You can quickly get them online or from the market

It will kill the bed bugs in just a few weeks. If there is a wooden floor, then it will easy for you to spray as you can see the cracks and spray there.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering Wood Floor

How to Prevent Bed Bugs From Entering Wood Floor

There are several ways through which you can prevent the bed bugs to enter the wooden floor, and those are mentioned below-

  • You can have to spray the infestation around the wooden floor.
  • If there are cracks, then you have to clean them thoroughly and spray the pesticide inside.
  • You can fill up all the cracks in the wood because it will prevent the bed bugs from entering the floor.

Can Bed Bugs Live on Hard Surfaces?

Yes. Bed bugs do not have any problem living on the hard surface. If there is something solid such as wood, it becomes easy for them to climb because when the surface is hard, they get the perfect grip so that they can reach lots of places. And the answer to this doubt is yes; these bed bugs can easily climb and live under hard surfaces such as wood.

Can Bed Bugs Eat Through Wood?

No. The bed bugs cannot chew or eat through the woods because the wooden flow is just the hiding place for them. They are primarily dependent on the corner, cracks, and other small spaces. That is why if you are thinking of buying the furniture or even the used furniture, you should choose the hard surface.

Can Bed Bugs Burrow into Wood?

No. You feel relaxed when you got to know that bed bugs do not burrow into the wood. If there is flat wood, then these bed bugs will not infest it.

Can Bed Bugs Crawl on the Floor?

Yes. Bed bugs can crawl on the floor very easily and fast as they cannot jump or fly. They crawl on the floor, ceiling, walls, and other surfaces.

Does Wood Attract Bed Bugs?

If you talk about bed bugs, then they have preferences for metal and wood. They love to hide in places that are narrow harborages. They can live anywhere, such as the bed, dresser, or even baseboards. So yes, wood can attract bed bugs as they love to hide in wooden floors and other places.

Final Words

It can be said from the above points that if they have bed bugs in their house, then they mostly hide in the wood, but they prefer to live in mattresses as from there they can feed on humans. They can increase in numbers if you do not get rid of them, and that is why you should do something through which you can kill them.

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