Can Bed Bugs Survive in Washing Machine?

Can Bed Bugs Survive in Washing Machine

The main weakness of bed bugs is water, so we can give a short answer by saying no. Although water influences the elimination of bed bugs, detergents, such as chlorine, are an effective poison for these animals. Temperature also plays a crucial role. Both extreme heat and cold are deadly.

Eliminating bed bugs in the washing machine may be possible if certain recommendations are followed. The problem is not to kill the insects but to prevent them from spreading. To carry out the operation successfully and get rid of bed bugs permanently from your house, you should not only wash, but you also have to take certain precautions to prevent their spread.

What If The Clothes Can’t Survive The Heat?

What If The Clothes Can't Survive The Heat

Just as heat kills bed bugs, cold can kill them too. Low temperatures, almost freezing, can kill bed bugs as much as high temperatures. Putting clothes in a cold wash at temperatures close to zero can be a very good option, although it is not very fast.

At a temperature of about 15 degrees, adults and nymphs can die in twenty-four hours. Lowering the temperature can lighten the process. However, it is usually a bit complicated in terms of operation unless you have a good cooling system.

It must also say that with this method, the eggs do not die, or at least not in all cases, so combine first a cold bath and then a good hot wash at a temperature that your clothes support, like about 25 or thirty degrees, you can ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs die.

Can Bed Bugs Survive In The Washing Machine?

By following the recommended steps, adult bed bugs can’t survive. However, the eggs can be another story. Being encapsulated, they can be much more resistant to water and low temperatures. However, high temperatures plus chemicals such as detergents and chlorine can dissolve the capsule and the adherent substance that holds them together; this is the little eggs’ death.

A single process can only help you to clean superficially. To have a better result, it is better to make sure by combining both methods and to keep the infestation away from the clothes you have just washed. It is important to check each garment in detail if any has been cast and repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Does Laundry Soap Kill Bed Bugs?

Yes, any detergent product is toxic to bed bugs. Mainly chlorine, and any bleach, can kill bed bugs by themselves. However, there are specialized products to perform these tasks without damaging clothing. As we know, not all our garments resist chlorine, so the selection of this must be made taking that fact into account.

Do Bed Bugs Die In Water?

Water is the worst enemy of bed bugs. They don’t need it, so they can’t take it or do anything. Water can kill bed bugs in a very long time, but it is not the most effective method. The water temperature could be the element that ends these critters’ lives since their shell cannot withstand extreme heat or cold. In the case of eggs, water is not doing much on its own, at least shortly. Clothes would have to be soaked to get some not very precise or definitive results for a long time.

Can You Get Bed Bugs From A Washing Machine?

Can You Get Bed Bugs From A Washing Machine - Image By citypests

That depends on the type of washing machine and the filters you have. In many cases, the first few washes should do with the clothes in a cloth bag that allows the clothes to come into contact with the water, at least in the first stage of the process. This allows the bed bugs to stay inside the bag, and they will be much easier to remove.

However, doing it directly does not change the scenario much. If you have external filters, the larger bed bugs may trap there. However, the nymphs and eggs will end up dissolving and coming out of the drain without problems. It is always good to clean the washing machine’s filters once you finish washing clothes. Washing the washing machine or running it on a cycle with water before putting in the next load can help eliminate any reluctant bed bugs floating around.

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How to Use Your Washing Machine to Get Rid of the Bed Bugs?

Using the washing machine can be a good way to eliminate bed bugs. However, you will only kill them; for the process to be effective, there are a series of steps that you must follow.

Storing the Clothes

If you have discovered that your clothes are infested with these animals, you should immediately put them in airtight bags. This is one of the most important steps in preventing the spread of bed bugs. It is necessary to try that the clothes do not contact other surfaces during the process.

Set the Required Settings 

Choose the longest cycle, so your clothes have enough time in the washing machine for the water to drown out the bed bugs. Temperature is also important in this step. If the clothes you are washing can withstand high temperatures, use hot water to do it.

This kills bed bugs effectively. The appropriate temperature for washing is about 660 degrees Celsius; of course, this will depend on the characteristics of the washing machine you are using.

Laundering the Clothes

Laundering the Clothes can be normal or strong; it will do the same effect in both cases. The important thing is that the temperature, the water, and the detergents you use, come in contact with the clothes long enough to ensure that all the eggs and bed bugs are eliminated.

Set the Required Settings

Set the Dryer Settings is as necessary as the wash cycle. Bed bugs do not survive extreme heat or cold, so setting your dryer on rough heat and cold cycles works very well.

Time is also an important factor. Depending on the amount of clothing, it is recommended to do it in parts and not exceeding 4 kilograms. Set a cycle of ten to thirty minutes at a temperature of sixty degrees Celsius of heat and one ten degrees of cold.

Set the Dryer Settings

By having all your clothes in the washing machine, adjust the temperature to the highest level. Let the clothes wash and then take them out of the washing machine and dry them as usual. This is the best way to kill bed bugs from your clothes.

Repeat The Process

Repeat the process as many times as necessary. In general, if the infestation is not widespread, about three times should suffice. Anyway, if you do it more and your clothes can support it, you could ensure the results.

Store The Clothes

Store the Clothes is the last and most critical step. You can’t use the same places if you haven’t done a deep cleaning yet, and you’ve made sure you’ve removed all the bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs in your drawers or closet.

Even if the process goes well, you run the risk of re-infesting them. As in the beginning, you should avoid contact with the surfaces if you are in a laundry. Even if you are at home, following this recommendation can prevent any surviving bedbugs from returning to the clothes.

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