Can Carpet Beetles Live In Your Hair?

Can Carpet Beetles Live In Your Hair?

Like other insects, carpet beetles turn out to be very annoying, especially when they enter your home. This insect is known by various names depending on the country in which they are found. All species of beetles can bring you many problems if you do not decide to eliminate them in time.

Carpet beetles are dangerous insects that can cause some displeasure. In their adulthood, they feed on the nectar or pollen of plants, and if they are inside their home, their food can be made from rice and cereals. If this insect enters your home, you can see it flying anywhere, and while you sleep, you will not notice it.

Can carpet beetles live in your hair?

You can notice the presence of carpet beetles in any space in your home. This insect is often confused with bed bugs because they also tend to crawl. Carpet beetles become a big problem because they also produce bites that can irritate your skin.

Essential oils in the hair are very attractive to carpet beetles. Therefore, they will find a way to stay close to you to bite your hair, especially when you sleep.

What attracts carpet beetles?

The outdoors is generally the preferred environment for carpet beetles. But if they have the opportunity, they will quickly enter your home to be close to you. If you have a warm home with enough food, the beetles will be very happy because they will have a lot to bite on.

These insects can feed on carpets, furs, silk, and other attractive items. Cereal-based foods and oil are also elements that beetles will look for to bite or feed.

Carpet beetle Rash

Some people are allergic to carpet beetles, while others are not. These insects can cause an allergy or rash if any of these occur:

Respiratory tract



Digestive tube

In case you suffer from a rash from a beetle bite, you will have some symptoms such as itchy skin, hives, hives, red or watery eyes, and gastrointestinal problems. The eruptions occur because of the bristles of the larvae or when their skins are shed.

Once the shedding of carpet beetles is removed from your home, the allergy is caused by these insects.

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Harmful risks Of Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can cause rashes in people, and their bite is very similar to bed bugs. The fibers of carpet beetles that remain in the air have many consequences and cause allergies and respiratory tract problems. But it can take many years for certain people to be sensitive to these fibers.

Carpet beetles can be very harmful if they find their way into your home. Aside from causing harm to people, your pantry can be attacked by carpet beetles in their adulthood. In that space, they can place their eggs so that their larvae have food as close as possible.

These insects can be more harmful than you might think, and to protect yourself and your family from these invasive pests, you must take effective steps to eliminate them. Having a pest controller will also go a long way in getting rid of carpet beetles before causing an infestation.

As long as you stay protected, the carpet beetles will keep their distance.

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