Do Cockroaches Carry Diseases?

What Diseases Do Roaches Spread?

Cockroaches are related to dirt since their presence is most noticeable in garbage cans. To feed, these insects can do so from a wide variety of foods or decompose waste from garbage. Due to these eating habits, cockroaches can transmit certain diseases to humans.

That is why it is important that when you notice these insects’ presence in your home, you find an efficient way to get rid of them. Just as having cockroaches in your home can be a great disadvantage, there is also a great disadvantage in the event of an infestation for businesses. When seeing roaches inside your space, you must take some precautions.

Can Roaches Kill You?

When roaches enter your home, they are most likely coming from the dirt or a sewer. These insects are everywhere, so they can be able to spread where a variety of bacteria pass. Also, they can transmit many viruses to humans that can lead to serious illness.

All the food in your kitchen and reached by the cockroaches will immediately be contaminated. Eating them could lead to a serious virus, and these insects can even cause asthma. Cockroach feces and skin can also cause diseases such as allergies.

After being infected with a disease caused by cockroaches, depending on the virus’s degree, if you do not see a specialist in time, it could put your life at risk.

Do Cockroaches Carry Diseases?

Cockroaches are able to spread a variety of diseases. Nevertheless, unlike mosquitoes, they’re not strong vectors of diseases through physical transfer and acting as a tank. Transmission happens indirectly, from contact or consumption with products polluted by cockroaches, instead of through bites.

Based on the WHO, the cockroaches aren’t generally the foremost reason for an ailment, but just like the houseflies, they participate in a supplementary job in spreading several diseases.

What Diseases Do They Spread?

Cockroaches can cause certain diseases in humans indirectly. There are insects such as ticks and mosquitoes, which transmit diseases directly through bites. On the other hand, cockroaches, like flies, spread germs that can trigger diseases since insects tend to be in the dirt.

Cockroaches bring with them more bacteria than you can imagine since they walk through the sewers, through the garbage, and can eat even raw meat of animals in a state of decomposition. Among the diseases that cockroaches can spread are:

– Dysentery

– Leprosy

– Salmonella

– The E.Coli

– Typhoid fever

– Cholera

– Gastroenteritis

Has Anyone Died From An Infection Spread By Cockroaches?

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Many insects can be very dangerous to health, especially German cockroaches, which are the domestic species. This type of cockroach is very common to see in houses, apartments, companies, and any business where there is a movement of people.

Although studies by experts do not show that cockroaches have been the cause of people’s death, this can occur through diseases that they can cause indirectly. Through the viruses that cockroaches can spread, as a consequence, there can be poisonings.

How Can I Prevent The Disease From Cockroaches?

It is important to treat food with the best possible hygiene, to avoid diseases transmitted by cockroaches. Before eating, it is important to cook food very well, especially meat. Before using the cutlery, you can clean them, like other kitchen utensils, to eliminate bacteria that cockroaches can leave in your space.

In food businesses, it is also very common to see German cockroaches. In these establishments, they must have the hygiene standards established by the competent authorities to avoid being infected by any disease transmitted by them. The idea is to keep the risks of being infected by the bacteria that these insects carry in your space reduced.

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