Cockroaches Vs. Crickets

Cockroaches vs crickets

You have to know the differences that cockroaches have from crickets according to their appearance and nature. Find out what crickets look like so you can easily identify them. Learn how you can identify cockroaches based on their appearance and skin colors.

With some unique traits that identify each insect, you will first know what kind of pest you face. You should know what the most obvious differences between cockroaches and crickets are.

What Do Crickets Look Like?

Crickets are very conspicuous insects because their hind legs are used to jump to great heights if necessary. A cricket is an insect very easy to see and more so when summer approaches in your house where they can inhabit it. You must fear infestation by these crickets because of how aggressive they become if you are in their habitat.

These jumping insects are very similar to grasshoppers, only their color is light brown, and they are somewhat small. Cricket is about 2 cm long and has three pairs of legs that meet the jumping legs between them. Crickets have wings that are rarely used on their body when they are in confidence inside your house.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

For you to identify cockroaches, you have to look for a very flat looking dark brown bug. Cockroaches are the scavengers in your home where you will see a good number if you don’t avoid infestations. This insect has three legs, two antennae, and 4 to 6 cm long, depending on the type.

You can see cockroaches in your house or outside in any season of the year looking for a way to feed. Cockroaches are the most resistant insects that you will come across, making their elimination by infestation complex. There are about 30 different cockroaches species that you can see at home, causing a serious problem.

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Differences Between Cockroaches And Crickets

The differences that you can observe between cockroaches and crickets are:

  • Size

Crickets are very small insects that do not exceed 2 cm in length for you to observe inside or outside the home. Cockroaches are of more significant size, reaching 4 cm in length in their adult stage. In size, the cockroaches stand out from the crickets taking as a predominant insect in your house.

  • Color

You can detect a cockroach by its dark brown color with some yellow and white features. The cockroach color can also be black depending on the type, and the nymphs are slightly lighter in appearance. Crickets have a light brown color that will make them stand out in your home, or they can be camouflaged between walls.

  • Feeding

Crickets only feed on plants in your yard or inside the house you keep in lumps or other items. Cockroaches are scavengers, and everything you have at home is part of their diet. A cockroach does not hesitate to eat your garbage, while it is unlikely that you will see crickets doing so.

  • Aggressiveness

When you try to get rid of crickets or cockroaches, your aggressiveness makes a huge difference to both insects. Crickets are very aggressive when you cross their line or habitat, so they will try to salt you. Cockroaches are more peaceful insects that will run away from you to keep their species alive.

They are clear points where you will discover the differences between crickets and cockroaches if they are at home. You are more likely to have a roach infestation than crickets in your home.

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