Cockroaches vs Water Bugs – What’s the difference

Cockroaches vs Water Bugs

You will find plenty of insects available that are confused with several species of cockroach. To determine the method of getting rid of them, it’s crucial to identify what insect type that you’ve on the property or in the house.

Among the insects that’s usually confused with the cockroach may be the water bug. They can bear a resemblance to each other, but you will find the main differences. Though water bugs are recognized for their painful bites, they’re not the insect that cockroaches are.

It’s particularly true when it involves the oriental cockroach that is the type of roach most often recognized as a water bug in daily life. It is because oriental cockroaches will usually hang out where there is water close.

So how, precisely, are you able to tell cockroaches and water insects apart? Here is what to learn.

What exactly are Cockroaches?

The 4 most prevalent species in the US are the brown-banded, American, Oriental, and German cockroaches. Some cockroaches are improperly called water bugs, especially the American cockroach since it is likely to gravitate to damp parts like sewers.

Precisely what is a Water Bug?

Although a lot of persons talk about different cockroach species recognized as waterbugs, the genuine water bug is an aquatic pest categorized under the purchase Hemiptera. And water scorpions and water boatmen are true bugs which live in the water. And the legs are utilized as paddles to swim. Members of the Gerridae loved ones, like water spiders, pond skaters, and water striders, are usually water bugs. Nevertheless, rather than using the legs as paddles, they use surface tension to remain afloat.

Water Bugs vs. Cockroach – What is the difference

The primary difference between the 2 insects is the appearance. It is often a little tricky, nonetheless, as they do bear some resemblance to one another. However, several distinct differences will inform you in case you’re working with a water bug or perhaps a cockroach.

  • Size

Many waterbug species are relatively big and more than 3.8 cm in length, unlike typical house cockroaches, which are usually smaller compared to waterbugs and about half an inch big. The one roach that is similar to some waterbugs is the American roach. However, you are able to distinguish a waterbug by the yellowish pattern on the rear. Cockroaches are generally light tan to deep brownish, and meanwhile, waterbugs are tan to dark, but their colors will not be of help. Their bodies are flat and oval-shaped, and each species have wings and antennae. Waterbugs have piercing mouth components along with a short, sharp beak on the head.

  • Color

Among the numerous kinds of roaches, 2 species, the German and American cockroach is reddish-brown and considered a huge insect as it sometimes surpasses 1.5 in long. And oriental cockroaches tend to be black or dark brownish. There’s additionally a kind, usually known as the brown-banded cockroach that has a gentle brown band around it is head. Water bugs also often are dark in color. Many cockroaches of this particular species have wings, but nearly all can’t fly.

Adult Cockroaches have vibrant yellow margins in the rear, while others will be like giant black bugs as well as it may be challenging trying to tell the real difference. The female and the male of this species are remarkably similar in size and appearance. Many people can easily mistake a tiny roach for just a bed bug as they’re also deep brown with lifeless bodies.

  • Eating Habits

While cockroaches are scavenger bugs which aren’t picky about what they consume, they choose to take whatever they happen to discover during the travels. And waterbugs are natural predators in the water they reside in. Several litter water bug species eat bugs as wasps, mosquitoes along with other such little invaders, and the Giant water bugs are going to eat and hunt larger prey like little fish as well as frogs.

Some water bugs will attempt to eat animals that are bigger than them like baby turtles or snakes! How they can do so is the effective limbs they use to snatch and grab prey and the mouthparts of theirs, which they use to stab at prey and inject them because of the lethal saliva. And the saliva essentially converts the prey’s insides into very much, and then they draw the innards out. And waterbugs are not an insect to mess within the water.

  • Habitat

Water bugs get the name of theirs since they prefer to spend the time in the aquatic places. Although the word water bug is put on to a number of bugs, the Giant Water Bugs are usually nearly all wrongly identified as cockroaches. A few roach species are able to endure in drinking water, but they choose to remain on the land. Water bugs are able to hold the breath for a while when hunting prey in the bath.

  • Bite Risk

Adult giant waterbugs utilize the front legs to record bigger prey species. They’re also effective at biting humans, but just in case provoked or perhaps if their habitat is disrupted. Their bites are painful, but seldom have any negative effects; however, rarely somebody has an allergic response to some waterbug bite, which calls for immediate medical attention.

  • Antenna

The primary distinction between a cockroach along with a water bug will be the antenna. And cockroaches will typically have long antennas, as well as you typically cannot see the head of theirs since it is situated below the thorax, and that is precisely where the legs, as well as wings of the cockroach, are connected.

It is also crucial to be aware that most cockroaches and many water insects have wings and could fly, although specific types of cockroaches – just like the oriental cockroach, usually mistaken for a drinking water bug – cannot. In reality, that is one way that is easy to identify a water bug and an oriental cockroach. If it’s wings, you may get a water bug.

  • Pest determination

Cockroaches bring with them an entire host of healthcare and health problems. Water bugs are not regarded as insects, and also feed on different insects.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches and Waterbugs

Eliminating cockroaches isn’t easy. Cockroaches and waterbugs have a wonderful capacity for survival and adaptation. Additionally, whenever they invade a house, they usually enter in colonies of hundreds. So it is precisely why killing roaches must be planning, reducing the risks, discomforts as well as raising the efficacy of the actions applied. How can I remove or perhaps kill the water bugs or the cockroaches?

The control of Waterbugs concentrates on reducing unnecessary water to stop these bugs from spreading. Cockroach control generally includes hygienic sanitation methods, like taking out garbage and clutter, and building traps. A waterbug or cockroach infestation is able to be out of your control because these insects disperse quickly. Hence, the best wish is usually to contact a pest control expert to handle the issue.


Water bugs are real life for a lot of persons, and despite the reputation for scurrying back to the darkness at the very first vision of a human, they are able to pose risks to the family.

The actual water bug vs. roach issue must be: How can I eliminate them?

We will make you learn the method of eliminating cockroaches so that you are able to keep the bugs out of your home.

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