What Should You Do When Finding a Dead Bed Bug

dead bed bugs

Bed Bug is a very unpleasant insect because of its appearance and its speed to reproduce. These insects can enter your home unnoticed and cause an infestation. Also, these insects can be found anywhere in your home, including your bedroom. Adult bed bugs can be visible while they are alive or dead.

For many, it is preferable to see a Dead Bed Bug alive, but in any of its states, seeing them will always be a very annoying moment. If you see a dead bed bug or bugs in your home, chances are there is an infestation.

If an infestation occurs, you must know what to do with the dead bed bugs and how to get rid of those still alive.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Many insects can have great similarities to bed bugs, so you must know how to differentiate them. Bed bugs can be seen in all countries, and some vary slightly in physical appearance depending on their region.

The size of bed bugs is very similar to that of an apple seed; that is, they can be 3/16 to ΒΌ inch long. When bed bugs are in their nymph stage, they have a whitish color, but they are brown and have a flat, oval body when they reach adulthood. Due to their body shape, bed bugs can enter your home through any opening.

Bed bugs feed on humans’ blood, and after feeding, they can be reddish-brown, and their body will lengthen a bit. Like most insects, bed bugs have antennae, a three-segmented beak, short golden hairs, and wings that they do not use for flight.

People who have noticed bed bugs in their home point out that these insects emit a very unpleasant smell compared to the smell of humidity. This smell is produced through the glands located in the lower part of your body.

Unlike adult bed bugs, nymphs are smaller and take an almost invisible color when they do not feed. When they are in their reproduction stage, the female bed bugs can leave their eggs in any place where they can hide them. These eggs are very small, white in color, and when they are more than five days old, an eye mark can be seen.

A Dead Bed Bug can be more challenging to see than when it is alive, and seeing one in that state is because there is an infestation in your home.

What Does This Mean If You See a Dead Bed Bug?

If you can differentiate a live bed bug and a Dead Bed Bug, you will know what action to take by seeing them. Adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs may be easier to see than dead bed bugs. However, if you pay attention, you can see them, and for this, you must know what their characteristics are.

If you see dead bed bugs in your home, you should not worry initially, as it can be from several causes. It may be a single bed bug that entered your home in search of food and died. Surely there may be more bed bugs in the place that that bed bug has come from, so taking action in advance will be the best solution.

Another cause could be a bed bug infestation in your home, and you had not realized it until now. Bed bugs are very strong insects to kill, so having an infestation in your home requires constant treatment to get rid of them.

What Do You Do If You Find A Dead Bed Bug?

It is very easy to see the presence of bed bugs in your home through UV light, and it could save time in your search. Your concern might be not knowing if the bed bug you found dead is female, as it may have left eggs in your home. Just one female bedbug is capable of producing 500 eggs and can lay 5 per day.

Therefore, it is important that when you see bed bugs in your home, you find the most effective way to get rid of them. If you have an infestation in your home that is not so serious, you can eliminate them yourself. But if the infestation is very strong and has gotten out of your hands, you may want to enlist the help of a pest control professional.

The safest thing is that when you see a dead bed bug in your home, there are more of them throughout the interior space of your home. Bed bugs quickly adapt to any environment, but they will feel more comfortable in your home. And to begin with your search, you must know which the sites are that they prefer to convert into their space to survive:

– Electrical plugs

– The bed bases

– Cracks in the mattress

– Skirting boards

– The pillows

– The wallpaper

– The chairs

These pests are nocturnal like other insects such as cockroaches, and they are experts when it comes to hiding. Most commonly, bed bugs are kept within a few feet of their food source. So starting your bedroom search for bed bugs will be a great idea.

How To Eliminate Bed Bugs Naturally?

When you see a Dead Bed Bug, you should take action, for there is an infestation.To do this, you can make use of some very effective natural methods:

  • Tea tree oil

Essential oils will always be a good option to eliminate pests that are near you. This oil has bacterial properties, so you can use it as an insecticide since it can soak into the bed bug until it is killed.

  • Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is very useful in killing bed bugs; you have to sprinkle it in crevices or in areas where you have already seen the presence of this annoying insect.

  • Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is widely used to combat garden pests, but inside your home, it can also be placed in areas that are infested by bed bugs.

  • Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper may not kill bed bugs, but it is an effective natural way to keep them from reappearing. Cayenne pepper has antimicrobial properties that irritate the body of bed bugs. You only need to crush the cayenne pepper and place it in the areas infested by this insect.

  • Thyme

Thyme is a great help so that bed bugs can easily get out of their hiding place. Once you have managed to detect the bed bugs’ hiding places, place a thyme branch wrapped in a cotton cloth, and burn it. This vapor will be very annoying for this pest, and they will quickly evacuate to another site.

Consider these natural methods to get rid of bed bugs, and say goodbye to this pesky pest.

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