Diatomaceous Earth Vs Boric Acid For Roaches

Diatomaceous Earth Vs Boric Acid On Roaches

If you are looking to eliminate some pests from your home, the first natural repellants that appear to you are diatomaceous earth and boric acid. You have to know a little about these natural elements, how to use them, and their effectiveness.

Find out what benefits both cockroach repellants can give you so you can buy some for your home. Learn how boric acid or diatomaceous earth can kill cockroaches.

Diatomaceous Earth Vs. Boric Acid Pros And Cons

Before you decide to use diatomaceous earth or boric acid on cockroaches, you should know their pros and cons:

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an inert powder composed of 1% silica crystals and is rated for domestic and agricultural use. One of the main uses of diatomaceous earth is as an antiparasitic agent in farms, crops, and animals without causing collateral damage. This is a completely versatile product because its origin is natural, making it one of the most demanded grains.

Diatomaceous earth may be the best pest control item you can use against mites, spiders, snails, and cockroaches. The use method is sprinkling at a dose of 1 kg / 100 square meters around plants and the land surrounding them. It is a safe method for you because its natural origin makes it very suitable for daily use.


  • Fertilization of the crop

Because it is a biodegradable element, it is completely kind to the environment to reuse it as a regenerator of the earth.

  • Reflective property

It can be the perfect protection against the sun’s rays and the high temperatures that punish plants.

  • Pest control

The dominant function of diatomaceous earth is that they work on cockroaches, crickets, bed bugs, and other insects. This element dries the insect inside when it ingests it.


  • Human inhalation

Being constantly exposed to large amounts of diatomaceous earth can be a result of long-term respiratory problems. This occurs if the inhalation is continuous.

  • Little cash

You should apply a good amount of diatomaceous earth at home so that it can affect the pests you want to eliminate.

Boric acid 

It is a white powder that is derived from boron and water, which contains many antibiotic properties. Its name may make it sound like a dangerous chemical substance, but it comes from volcanic boron. As home use, you can use it against acne, but in certified products that have it integrated as a component.

Boric acid is derived from borax and is very safe for controlling pests like cockroaches and ants. This element dehydrates insects slowly and does not realize it in a way that does not create immunity. You can spray it on home carpets to quickly kill fleas, lice, and eggs.


  • Effective against insects

Although there are many good insecticides for pest control, boric acid combined with water and sugar is very effective against cockroaches.

  • Works as a catalyst

It is widely used in the ceramic, glass production, and jewelry preservation industries.

  • Pipe cleaning

It is an excellent drain opener in combination with hot water. You can use it as a bug cleaner in the area to forget about cockroaches and flukes that are there.


  • Human consumption

If someone by mistake ingests it, it can cause poisoning as well as vomiting and diarrhea.

  • Excess of use on the skin

You should know that boric acid is effective against an athlete’s foot fungus as well as acne. But the excess can irritate, so it is advisable to use it in combination with another product.

What is diatomaceous earth?

Diatomaceous earth

This natural element comes from the fossilized settlements of Diatomites, which are microscopic algae that have a siliceous skeleton. This structure of fossilized algae is presented in the form of white earth, and from there, it is also called white earth. Fossil evidence shows that diatoms were formed during the Jurassic period, forming underwater for centuries.

What Is Boric Acid? 

What Is Boric Acid

Borax is a powder that comes from sodium borate, an effective ally to avoid bacteria and dirt. This element is made up of a very soft white powder that you can easily dissolve in water. Boric acid originates naturally in sedimentary rock deposits but can also have a synthetic form derived from industrial processes.

Boric acid originates from volcanic districts like Tuscany and Nevada and is also present as a component in other minerals. This acid element is found in the sea and its salts and some plants and in almost all fruits. It can be described as a white powder that is originated from boron, as its name implies.

Boric acid is derived from borax and is very safe for controlling pests like cockroaches and ants. This element dehydrates insects slowly and does not realize it in a way that does not create immunity. You can spray it on home carpets to quickly kill fleas, lice, and eggs.

Does diatomaceous earth kill roaches?

You should know that this product is effective against cockroaches naturally and without the risk of contamination in the home. The way to use diatomaceous earth for this insect is by sprinkling the corners, grates, or the cupboard under the kitchen. With these simple steps, you can eliminate cockroaches from your home with an element that will not affect your life.

Does boric acid kill roaches?

Borax mixed with powdered sugar is effective against roaches because they have a sweet smell that attracts them. When this pest consumes the mixture, it acts as a dehydrator that will cause death in minutes.

How does diatomaceous earth kill roaches?

How does diatomaceous earth kill roaches

Diatomaceous earth kills cockroaches through poisoning from consuming high doses of silica. The cockroach can consume this poison and die in less than a day, helping you control pests. You have to use diatomaceous earth as bait by combining it with sugar or food that attracts roaches.

How does boric acid kill roaches?

If you use boric acid against roaches, you can kill them by dehydration in less than 15 minutes. This element dries out roaches from the inside by causing them to slow down and eventually kills them. You can eliminate the pest in your record time because boric acid has no smell or taste, so that they will eat it.

Is the diatomaceous earth safe for humans and pets?

If you use diatomaceous earth at home and have pets, you should not worry because the element is safe. Siliceous is natural, which guarantees that it will not do anything bad to him if your pet eats it. You should also avoid consuming diatomaceous earth excessively, as your pet could develop allergies.

Is boric acid safe for pets and humans?

Boric acid is certainly not a danger to your pet or your children, although you should also prevent them from consuming it. This element is natural and comes from boron, but you should not trust yourself and protect your loved ones. Your pet and children may mistake borax for a little flour because of its white color.

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