Do Bay Leaves Repel Roaches?

Do Bay Leaves Repel Roaches?

Cockroaches are very annoying insects since they seek to enter your home to feed. You can often have cockroaches in your interior space without noticing it since these insects tend to hide very well and only appear to feed at night.

You should be alert to cockroaches since it is most likely that there is an infestation when you see some. In general, the kitchen is the first place that roaches will look to establish their home. And the best thing you can do is find effective ways to get rid of them before becoming a big problem.

These days, apart from chemicals, there are many natural methods that you can use to get rid of cockroaches.

Do Bay leaves repel Roaches?

Until now, it is believed that bay leaves can be used to repel cockroaches. This option is widely used as a form of DIY, and for many people, they have a great effect on these insects. Bay leaves act as a good home method, as it has an odor that turns out to be very unpleasant for roaches.

Like bay leaves, various essential oils can be used to repel insects immediately. To repel cockroaches from your home, you can use bay leaves in a very easy way. You can even combine the use of bay leaves with essential oils for a greater effect.

Do Bay leaves kill Roaches?

Many people prefer to use natural methods to get rid of roaches quickly. Bay leaves are one of the most used options, and their properties to repel cockroaches so far are very positive. However, there is no evidence that bay leaves can kill roaches.

The smell of bay leaves is very strong for cockroaches to leave the places where this option is used. But to kill the cockroaches, you must look for other options that may be stronger to kill these nasty insects finally.

How to use Bay leaves to get rid of Roaches?

Although bay leaves do not kill roaches or other insects, they are very effective at repelling. This is because they produce an odor that turns out to be very unpleasant for cockroaches, as it is very irritating to them. Some of the mosquito repellants work very similar to that of bay leaves.

To make use of bay leaves:

– You can make use of dried bay leaves because they are not brittle, and after using them to repel cockroaches, you can easily collect them.

– Place bay leaves in all areas of your home, especially where there is a greater food accumulation. The kitchen becomes a good place to put a considerable quantity of bay leaves.

– Inside the trash can or around it, you can also place the bay leaves.

– Fill the containers that remain open with the bay leaves and place them in various spaces in your home.

– Take some bay leaves to sprinkle in areas like cupboards and behind kitchen appliances.

By following these steps to make use of bay leaves, you can be very successful in repelling roaches.

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