Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs?

Do Bed Bugs Bite Dogs

It is time for you to solve some doubts in your life regarding bed bugs and how aggressive they can be. If you have pets at home and a slight infestation of bed bugs, you may be worried. You will always think about your pet’s health and how a bed bug infestation might affect it.

Find out if bed bugs bite the dogs, cats, or other pets you live in your home. Learn how you can tell if your dog has been bitten by a bed bug so that you can avoid this in the future. You should know the natural remedies you can use on your pet so that bed bugs do not bite.

Do bed bugs bite dogs?

Parasitic insects like bed bugs can feed on almost any living thing like humans or dogs. Although bed bugs are lovers of human blood, they can have their exceptions and bite your pet.

If you have a dog at home and a bed bug infestation, your pet may suffer some minor bites. These bed bug bites can cause your dog some reactions, but they are not dangerous in general.

Do bed bugs bite cats?

Bed bugs can bite humans and sometimes dogs without problems, but in cats, it is unlikely. These parasitic insects in the house can avoid cats because their blood would be very unpleasant. You can be a little calmer at home knowing that bed bugs will not bite your cats despite an infestation.

How can I tell if bed bugs are biting my dog?

To detect bed bug bites on your pet’s body, you will have to explore its fur. Your pet may have a thick coat that takes away your field of vision to check for bed bug bites. These bites are usually in a straight line, look red, and form a small rash on your pet’s skin.

What to do if bed bugs are biting my dog

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If you have found that bed bugs are biting your dog, you must eradicate the pest to protect your pet. You only have to use natural repellents to kill the insect at home and prevent it from biting your dog. You can use many natural repellents like borax, diatomaceous earth, among other things.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Biting A Dog?

For you to prevent bed bugs from biting your dog, you will have to resort to these solutions:

  • Bathe your pet every day

You will only have to bathe your pet every day to remove all the bed bugs that live there from his coat. However, bed bugs can cling to your pet’s fur while bathing; this process can remove the vast majority.

  • Clean your dog’s bed

You can take the sheets, pillows, or other objects with a cloth that makes up your pet’s bed and wash it. Bed bugs can lodge in your dog’s bed, so you have to kill them with deep cleaning.

  • Try putting natural repellents¬†around your pet

You can also try placing natural repellants around your dog to kill or ward off bed bugs. You can use borax, lavender, vinegar, coffee, or another strong-smelling item to repel the parasitic insect.


Bed bugs are not only a serious problem for your life, but they can also impair the life of your pet. You have to eliminate the pest as soon as possible not to bite your dog, leaving painful marks on his skin.

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