Do Bed Bugs Fly?

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It is good that you know that bed bugs are brown insects; they are about a seed’s size. They are found worldwide; these insects almost always hide in armchairs, beds, rugs, curtains, and closets. They like to feed on blood. You have probably wondered if bed bugs fly.

Do Bed Bugs Fly?

You should know that bed bugs do not fly, but they have efficient methods so that they can be transported wherever they want. They are agile and can be in many places; in this article, we want to deal with everything related to this topic so that you know how to act when they find this insect in the home.

Many bed bugs are appearing today; the causes are population growth and the practice of killing insects. These insects are quite common in Africa, South America, and Central America. Many people carry bed bugs on their clothes, without realizing that they are taking them home.

Do Bed Bugs Climb the Walls?

Bed bugs love to be in beds, but this is not the only place where you can find them. In the carpets, in the furniture, in the ceilings and walls, they love to be. For this reason, bed bugs climb the walls to get a good hiding place.

Bed bugs have claws on their legs’ ends, which they use to support themselves on the wallpaper on the walls. They do not fall, thanks to the fact that they are relatively light, their legs can be supported when climbing the walls.

These insects like to use the walls to live; they crawl to go to your bed when they want to eat through the walls. Many times they are looking for a place to lay their eggs. Therefore, crevices and crevices are an excellent site.

Bed bugs come out at night to bite people. So undoubtedly, you will not see bed bugs crawling up the walls in the daytime. You must know this fact so that you know all the information about bed bugs.

When you see a bed bug crawling up a wall, it kills it, but sometimes fear makes you paralyzed. It is best to find a way to get it out of the house and put it in the garden to move away.

How Fast Do Bed Bugs Move?

Although bed bugs do not fly, you must know that they move quite quickly on the walls, floor, and ceiling. Female bed bugs love to lay their eggs in secluded areas. The eggs are quite small and whitish; each egg measures 1 mm around.

Bed bugs can move quickly between rooms and floors in hotels or apartments. In items such as luggage, clothing, boxes, these insects move easily. You should be aware of the house and check that they do not appear in the room. Well, these insects are quite ugly and can transmit diseases. For this reason, children mustn’t catch if they are achieved with insects of this type.

Bed bugs spread quickly; every day, these insects are responsible for laying between 200 and 500 eggs a day. They can also move around the house to search for more; if conditions are favorable, they will continue to reproduce, no matter where you move.

The perfect time for these insects to move faster is when you go on vacation. This is a way to get several bed bugs in the house; it will be vital to know when you are absent for several days.

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How Do They Get Onto Beds?

These insects can enter the bed through clothing and sheets. Because the things you buy travel quite far each time. Bed bugs love to feed on blood. When these insects bite people, they cause hives; they almost always leave black spots on the sheets.

You should wash the sheets and pillowcases frequently to prevent these insects from returning. It is also essential that you prevent things from piling up in the room. So the bed bugs have no place to hide.

The bed must be kept clear of clothes, do not pile any clothing. It is recommended that you use sheets that have light colors. So you can detect the existence of these insects. You can get on the Vaseline bed; in this way, I assure you that the bed bugs will not get on the bed.

The bed is a sacred place; it is where you rest, you read a good book. It must always be clean, orderly, so that you can feel good. Sleep through the night; in this way, bed bugs should never enter this space. Well, they destroy harmony, hygiene and can cause many problems.

Consult with professionals in the area to give them the best measures to prevent bed bugs from being in bed. This specialist will make a detailed inspection of the bed to know where it is indicated to do the ideal treatment.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Moving Around?

To prevent bed bugs from moving, it is recommended that you look for some natural remedies to keep them still. Since natural oils have strong odors, this makes them not move or end up moving away from the place.

They do not like very strong light either, so in the place where these insects are found, put enough light on them. Different home remedies can help end this plague; these are:

  • The Mint

It is an ingredient obtained quickly; if you put a little mint in the places where the bed bugs are, it will surely go away. Well, the smell of this ingredient is toxic to these insects.

  • Garlic

This food is usually annoying for bed bugs, so place some of this product where these insects live not to come any closer.

Household Detergent

This product makes bed bugs petrified, as their smell is quite strong. These insects are intimidated and will surely end up walking away.

Floral essences

These products are also harmful to these insects. Put some in various places around the house to keep bed bugs away.

Final Words

In this article, we hope that you have learned everything about bed bugs so that you learn where they can hide. There are places that you never thought these insects could hide; you must always inform yourself well and check the whole house well.

Bed bugs suddenly appear anywhere; they move very fast. For this reason, you mustn’t let them enter the room or anywhere. The insects must be in their natural habitat. For them to feel good, houses are not the right place for these insects.

We must respect nature and what it offers us. Human beings must begin to lead by example. For insects to be in a suitable place, bed bugs should not be in the home for many reasons. So it is crucial to keep the house clean at all times so that these insects do not enter.

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