Do Bed Bugs Have Wings?

Do Bed Bugs Have Wings?

Bed bugs are insects that can be present inside any home. They are annoying and can cause uncomfortable and uncomfortable skin bites. Its most common places are in the beds, which creates problems and puts household members’ sleep at risk.

They are small, oval-shaped, brown insects that feed on the blood they obtain from animals and humans after biting them.

Bed bugs are present in any temperate zone of our planet. It requires the same temperature, and humidity conditions your home has, especially where we sleep for optimal progress.

If you want to know a little more about these insects, keep reading this information.

Do Bed Bugs Have Wings?

Although you have heard that beg bugs have a swing on occasion, here we assure you that this is not true. Although the ancestral morphology of these animals indicates that they could fly, current bed bugs cannot. The reason, their morphological evolution has eliminated the wings from their body and structure, so they cannot fly from one place to another.

Some other insects have wings and can fly, and due to their similarity, sometimes people without knowledge make that statement. However, you can rest easy, as the bed bugs you may find will not do so because they do not have that advantage.

How Do Bed Bugs Move Around?

If you want to detect bed bugs in your beds, sofas, or any furniture, you must know how they move. Although some have tiny sizes that cannot even be seen with the naked eye, others of large sizes are notorious. Upon detecting it, you will notice that they move quickly, with their legs and light body, which gives them great agility.

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How Fast Can Bed Bugs Spread?

If you suspect that you have some bed bug infection in your beds, you must check your surfaces well. The spread of bed bugs in suitable environments can be very fast, so you must take action in time. With the ability to lay up to 500 eggs during their lifetime, their reproduction is very easy, creating problems.

If they can reproduce in the right environment and temperatures, they can spread quickly on your surfaces. Another advantage of their reproduction is that they feed on their hosts’ blood, and they usually go out in search of food at night. For this reason, they are common in mattresses, furniture, and places where we usually sit and rest at night.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Invading Into Your House?

To prevent your home from being filled or infected with these pesky insects, you should continuously check the surfaces where they can be found. It is necessary to check in the armchairs, seams, ceiling and wall joints, pillows, mattresses, and other places. Certain odors, oils, and essences can manage to move them away from these places.

If you already suspect these insects’ presence, you can also buy certain special insecticides to eliminate them. With them, it will be simple to disinfect your spaces, and then do preventive maintenance from time to time. Substances such as alcohol, or cloves, are attributed with properties capable of eliminating them.

Always check the surfaces of your furniture, beds, couches, and all those places where they can be found. Cleanliness and order in your home are essential to prevent bed bugs from invading your home.

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