Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Your Hair?

Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs In Your Hair?

If you have bed bugs problems, you should know some things that they can do to your hair without you realizing it. Find out if bed bugs lay eggs in your hair and find out about this terrifying scene with the insect. Find out if you can suffer from a direct infestation with bed bugs by having them in your hair.

You should know how bed bugs move and how they get into your hair when you are asleep. Find out how you can eliminate bed bug eggs in your home or even in your hair.

Do bed bugs lay their eggs in your hair?

When you have problems with bed bugs at home, you may have many doubts about their way of living. If you fear that bed bugs will lay eggs in your hair, you should know that this is unlikely. The parasitic insect is attracted to you as a food source but not as an area where they would like to exist and lay eggs.

You may be relieved that bed bugs will not lay eggs in your hair, but they may feed on it. You may have bed bug bites on your scalp, which will cause you a lot of pain. When you shower, and all the water in the shower runoff, you will feel these little bites all over your head.

Can bed bugs live in your hair?

Bed bugs are not attracted to your hair to live because they seek a slightly cooler habitat. These insects have, by nature, live in your mattress or areas near you to feed themselves comfortably. You can suffer from bed bug bites but not necessarily because the insect lives in your hair but its vicinity.

No matter how long your hair is, it will not be attractive to bed bugs at any time. You don’t have to relax with this pest and prevent infestations from spreading on your mattress and sheets.

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How do bed bugs move and get into hair?

You can see bed bugs moving around you on the bed very quickly, making them impossible to kill. They are parasitic insects that await their inactivity to bite you on the scalp or other areas. When you are asleep, the insect acts and will bite you to extract a little of your blood.

If bed bugs are attracted to your hair, they can easily move around the area, biting you there. You can feel a lot of pain with these bites on the head, and they are also a bit more prone to infection.

How to Remove bed bug eggs?

For you to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from your home, you have to do the following:

  • Remove them with steam

You can use steam elements on your mattress to kill adult bed bugs and their eggs in seconds. It is very good that you place the appliance at a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade to kill the bed bugs. These insects have an exoskeleton that makes them have little resistance to heat.

  • Clean your mattress and sheets

As an alternative to eliminate bed bugs, you can clean your mattress and sheets with very strong chemicals. The insect may not support the smell of some chemicals, causing them to flee to another part of your house. You can clean your entire home until you finally get rid of the bug because it lost your home’s appeal.

  • Use special products

Special anti-bed bug products are diatomaceous earth and insecticides of great value on the market. If you eliminate adult bed bugs, you will cut off the reproduction and the creation of eggs. You have to remove the bed bug eggs that are about to hatch on your mattress.

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