Do Bed Bugs Live Outside?

Do Bed Bugs Live Outside

Learn about bed bug habitat, where you can find it, and how dangerous an infestation is in your home. Find out if bed bugs live outside and what is the determined time they live outside.

Why Do Bed Bugs Usually Live Indoors?

One reason bed bugs tend to be inside your home is because of their blood-based diet. These parasitic insects tend to absorb human and animal blood in this sense; they find their home on your property. You should avoid a bed bug infestation since they reproduce several times a year.

Bed bugs tend to specifically inhabit your bed or nearby areas where you proceed to relax and sleep. They are behind you and all the blood that lies in your body, so where you are, they will be present. Bed bugs act when you are asleep, being very small, it will be difficult for you to see them easily.

In case you were wondering if bed bugs live outside, there is no reason to do it, but there is blood. If you are outside, you may attract the insect, but this is not considered an area to inhabit.

Do Bed Bugs Live Outdoors?

Do bed bugs live outside? It is a question that has a quick answer if you know what the insect’s preferred food is. If a bed bug finds a blood carrier like a dog or cat outdoors, it may stay there. This does not mean that the parasitic insect has conditions to inhabit, but rather, they do it for convenience to feed.

This insect prefers the tranquility and warmth of your home even though it implies a negative factor for your health. As they are tiny insects, living outdoors can bring many risks throughout their life and reproduction. On the other hand, inside your house, the risk of natural predators dissipates, and you only have to feed yourself every night.

A great attraction for the plague is the large families that you can suffer from a bed bug infestation if you have them. All this can be avoided, of course, but something very important to remember is that bed bugs prefer your home and not the outdoors.

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How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Outdoors?

An adult insect may last for at least one year without feeding. This is a very long time, although some factors also influence, mainly being exposed to predators. A bed bug can take less time outdoors if surrounded by spiders or cockroaches that can eat it.

Bed bug larvae and the youngest insect may have a long outdoor life, not exceeding five months. This young insect needs to eat; it cannot last long without doing so because it will die. For this reason, the plague does not take the outdoors as its priority to inhabit because the new generation would become extinct.

When you apply a bed bug repellent, and all the young infestation goes out into the open, you send them to death. It is a lifetime benefit but perhaps a poor choice for the parasitic insect when changing habitats. Hopefully, the outdoor bed bug can attach itself to a dog, cat, or bird to feed while it lives outside your home.

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