Do Carpet Beetles Fly?

Do Carpet Beetles Fly?

Carpet beetles are insects only about three millimeters in size and oval in shape that resemble a pin’s head. These microorganisms in their larval stage can be larger than in their adult stage. They generally live in outdoor areas, but they can also invade the home’s interior and find different places to stay and lay their eggs to reproduce.

They do not have a single color distinguished and shed the bristly brown skin. They are occasional invaders that seriously affect and deteriorate furniture and fabrics in the home.

Do Carpet Beetles Fly?

Carpet beetles go through different growth stages while in larval form, crawling and hiding on all types of surfaces. But it is not until the adult stage that the wings appear.

In this way, they have more freedom to lay their eggs in all the favorite sites for reproduction.

Do Carpet Beetles Have Wings?

Many people want to know how these insects get inside their homes and how they can cause so much damage. Like any plague, carpet beetles reproduce very quickly, and some places inside a home serve as a refuge for this.

It is very intriguing to know how they get into houses and completely plague furniture.

Carpet beetles only develop wings until they reach the adult stage of their development. These are membrane shaped and have a thick, harder shell-like covering that is shiny that you can move to show the pair of wings underneath.

The wings are the instrument to fly to lay eggs and get the perfect host in low light and humidity.

Carpet beetles fly to reach the ideal place to damage fiber objects and furniture.

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How Do Carpet Beetles Move Around?

There are warning signs that reveal the presence of the carpet beetle. The adult females are the ones who deposit the eggs in hidden and dark places, and at this stage, they only feed on the pollen of the flowers.

As the larvae grow, they are the cause of all the damage that can be caused to furniture and different textile fibers. It’s easy to notice when people find clothes with holes.

The larvae do not have wings to fly, but they manage to crawl everywhere they can go unnoticed.

They hide in recesses and on the edges of any support, and they even hide under furniture and, of course, under rugs.

How to Prevent Carpet Beetles From Invading into your House?

Discovering a carpet beetle infestation is undoubtedly a serious problem that requires quick and very effective actions. It is a pest that lays its eggs in the places that least people can imagine.

The best thing in these cases is to put yourself in the hands of professional pest control.

But if you want to prevent these invaders from reproducing inside your home, it is essential to take some preventive actions.

  • A fumigation plan

Spraying an insecticide or suitable product to eliminate possible outbreaks and repel these insects if they try to get close is a good option to start protecting your property.

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