Do Chipmunks Eat Tomatoes?

Do Chipmunks Eat Tomatoes?

Squirrels are very cute and showy animals, and for this reason, many people think they are harmless. Although they may not look like it, squirrels can become pests if they ever invade your home. IF you have a crop of tomatoes in your garden and the squirrels have access to them, they will quickly eat them.

The squirrels will destroy the entire harvest of tomatoes, and those left lying on the ground will be destroyed and slaughtered with their excrement. But thanks to the experts, you can have very useful advice to keep squirrels out of your garden.

Do chipmunks eat tomatoes?

If squirrels manage to break into your garden crop, you should prepare to get rid of them before they eat them all. You will have many losses if the squirrels make it into your crop because the tomatoes that are not eaten by the squirrel will still be unusable.

There are many natural methods you can use to keep squirrels out of your space without hurting them. Certain solutions turn out to be very unpleasant for squirrels, and by using them, you will prevent them from becoming a pest.

Most of the solutions used to ward off squirrels have an odor that turns out to be very unpleasant for them. You need to spray these solutions on your tomatoes and leaves so the squirrels can leave.

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How to Protect Tomato Plants from Chipmunks?

If you plan to spray your tomatoes with a solution to get rid of squirrels, you should apply it once a week and in rainy seasons whenever it rains. Once the squirrels invade your garden, they will not want to leave it, and you must use effective methods.

Despite their beauty, squirrels can become a very difficult pest to keep out of your yard. It is important that if your yard has posts that you hammer them around the trench. So that the squirrels cannot dig into your garden, you must place the posts well and make sure that the soil is compacted.

Having a well-placed fence will allow you to keep your tomatoes safe from squirrels and other animals such as rabbits. If apart from having tomatoes, you have other types of plants and flowers, they will also be favored by having a resistant fence.

Natural Ways to Keep Chipmunks Away From Tomato Plants

Here are the options available to keep squirrels out of your tomato crop naturally:

The same detergent you use to wash dishes can use it together with vegetable oil to spray it on your tomato plants.

– Place baby powder on the silver and around it since this element’s smell is very unpleasant for squirrels.

– You can use garlic and also apply it on tomato plants because it has a strong smell

Getting rid of squirrels in your yard can be a bit difficult. However, using effective methods will do the trick. One of the other options is the coffee pots around your plants. Coffee acts as a fertilizer and is a good element to use against squirrels.

Vinegar is also a good ally, and you can soak clothes in this substance to place around your tomato plants. All these options will be very effective in keeping squirrels out of your garden. You must wash your tomatoes before preparing foods that you plan to eat to be safe when eating them.

With these natural methods, you will not cause any harm to the squirrels.

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