Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Some insects turn out to be very unpleasant, especially when they want to become guests in your home. Cockroaches and bed bugs are among the most common insects that enter your home for food and safe shelter. But many people wonder if both insects can live together and do cockroaches eat bed bugs.

Although some insects can have good coexistence, others are simply enemies.

Can Roaches And Bed Bugs Live Together?

When cockroaches and bed bugs enter your home, it is in search of food and shelter. These insects need a safe place to have a longer life cycle, so a space like your home will be ideal for them. Regarding their diet, cockroaches and bed bugs look for different sources of food.

They both need a place that has dark spaces so they can hide and not be quickly eliminated. If both insects are living together in the same space, it is most likely that the bed bugs will last less time because it is most likely that the cockroaches will eat them. After all, they do cockroaches eat bed bugs.

Do Roaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs and cockroaches are scattered worldwide, so it will not be uncommon for you to see them in your home. Bed bugs are very annoying insects, as they can reproduce quickly. And the worst thing is that these insects bite humans to feed on their blood.

Cockroaches are also very unpleasant insects as they can survive for a long time. Cockroaches can eat anything for food, and they can eat garbage and any insects. Among the insects that roaches eat are bed bugs, since they are very small and easily ingested.

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Other Natural Enemies of Bed Bugs

Cockroaches eat bed bugs and other insects too, as bed bugs are about the apple seed size. Like cockroaches eat bed bugs and other kinds of insects, look at the other insects that can eat bed bugs as well:

  • Ants

Ants feed on bed bugs, especially the ant called a pharaoh. To feed on bed bugs, ants attack this insect quickly.

  • Centipedes

Centipedes are large and can measure up to 15 centimeters, enough to hunt from bed bugs to cockroaches.

  • The masked hunter

This species belongs to the class of killer insects, and they are known to be hunters of bed bugs. The masked hunter’s bite is stronger than that of bed bugs, and as they fly, they can quickly attack this insect.

  • Spiders

There are many spider species, and the smallest ones cannot hunt bed bugs. However, spiders with a larger size can hunt the bed bugs and not transmit diseases to humans.

  • Geckos

This is a species of lizards, and they are well known as the exterminators of bed bugs. But this lizard species needs its specific natural habitat to have a good quality of life, so it cannot be raised in just any space.

  • Pets

Cats especially like hunting, but bed bugs are not on the list of their favorite insects. This is because bed bugs are tiny, but if you have dogs, they are prepared to hunt bed bugs and even eat them.

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