Do Crane Flies Eat Mosquitoes?

Do Crane Flies Eat Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are very nasty insects, and they are the most hated in the world. Many people have heard that other creatures can kill these mosquitoes, and it is the crane fly. But do crane flies eat mosquitoes? this is a belief that is unfortunately not true.

If you want to kill the mosquitoes, you will have to look for other allies who can do the job. Here’s everything you need to know about crane flies.

How To Identify Crane Flies?

Crane flies are also known as European crane flies and are similar to mosquitoes but larger. Although they look alarming, these flies are harmless.

Crane flies are part of the Tipulidae family; they are long, slender insects with very long legs.

Do crane flies eat mosquitoes? Although these flies look like giant mosquitoes, they do not bite humans or pets. They have a V-shaped chest suture that makes it easy to distinguish from other flies. They have two wings, like the other species of flies of the order Diptera.

Crane flies can only live a few days and do not eat much. Crane-fly larvae are the ones that can cause lawn damage, and this is where they can present a problem. The larvae are sturdy and small worm-like; they can resemble a caterpillar.

Their fur is thick gray, and they are also known as a leather jacket and can measure up to 2 inches. In this larval period, you must identify crane flies because this is where they are very dangerous for your garden and farmers.

The lifespan of crane flies is short; it only lasts between 2 to 15 days; everything will depend on environmental factors.

What Do Crane Flies Eat?

Although they have this nickname, this type of fly does not eat mosquitoes. Crane flies have a limited diet, they can feed on nectar, or they don’t eat at all.

Larger than mosquitoes but less dangerous, these flies are dangerous in their larval stage to farmers in North America and worldwide.

An adult crane fly does not feed on anything after they reach adulthood. As adults, these flies become harmless and do not have a mouthpiece to suck blood or eat.

Of the four life stages of crane flies, the larvae are the only ones that can feed, and they are the real danger for plantations. The larvae can feed on the roots of herbs or other plants.

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Do Crane Flies Eat Mosquitoes?

Despite being known by that nickname, you should know that crane flies do not feed on mosquitoes; many believe it is a mistake.

When they reach adulthood, crane flies the only function to mate and die. Crane-fly eggs hatch into larvae and are called leather jackets, leatherbacks, leatherbacks, etc.

The so-called mosquito eaters do not eat mosquitoes, but they are a food source for other insects. So it’s time to call the flies cranes heroes because they don’t kill mosquitoes. Do you want to kill mosquitoes? You should look for other insects that can help you to exterminate the nasty mosquitoes.

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