Do Daddy Long Legs Eat Black Widows?

Do Daddy Long Legs Eat Black Widows?

On some occasions, you have wanted to know about daddy long legs, as arachnid species that attract a lot of attention due to its appearance sometimes intimidating. Although many people believe that they are dangerous, they mostly do not pose risks or dangers to humans in reality.

However, know about their diet. In this way, you will have more knowledge and management of daddy long legs, with all the information we bring next.

Do daddy long legs eat black widows?

Black widows are one species of arachnids that fall within the family of daddy long legs. However, these daddy long legs have a venom that can kill and paralyze their prey, and if they bite a human, they can suffer specific effects, which is why they are considered poisonous.

Within its behavior, this species is distinguished by being carnivorous, and with females, these after mating with one male, kill it and eat its body. This is where its name originates, although this species behaves in this way while in captivity.

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Types of daddy long legs

Within this species, different types of daddy long legs can be found. Here are some in summary:

Long-legged daddy long legs are distinguished by limbs or limbs between about 8 and 10 mm, being up to 10 times longer than the rest of their bodies. Similarly, its useful life or life cycle can be for several years.

  • Tegenaria

When we find a daddy with long legs in the home, its type is most common. Without being poisonous, these daddy long legs can live for about a year and feed on other insects. Therefore, they can even be beneficial within spaces, since it controls insects such as flies and cockroaches.

  • Closet daddy long legs

It is also known as the black widow, and its venom can produce specific effects in humans. Even males die when mating with females to live for about 5 or 6 years.

  • Fiddler or corner daddy long legs

Within the species or types of daddy long legs, this daddy long legs is the most deadly to humans. Its venom can produce severe effects and even paralyze humans. Also, they can be found within any space without problems.

  • Tarantulas

Like larger daddy long legs, they can feed even on mice or lizards. They are not dangerous to humans but can be intimidating due to their considerable size.

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Do Daddy Long Leg Spiders Eat Other Insects?

Being one of the most common daddy long legs, they feed on various insects such as mosquitoes, moths, flies, or even other insects. Due to their size, they can even consume other insects larger than their body, since by trapping them in their nets or fabrics, they paralyze them with their poison and consume them.

Like a hunting daddy with long legs, she is to weave webs to capture her prey without problems. In spaces such as homes, they are common to find but do not represent a danger if a bite occurs. But they can feed on cockroaches or crickets, getting to eliminate other annoying insects in any home.

Due to their appearance, they move quickly and continuously work on their daddy long legs webs to be always vigilant. Undoubtedly, these daddy long legs are a fundamental part of the balance, without being risky for humans.

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