Do Daddy Long Legs Eat Cockroaches?

Do Daddy Long Legs Eat Cockroaches?

Daddy long legs are one of the most common in the United States. Their legs are long and are usually found in warehouses, basements, caves, garages, and other dark places.

The daddy long legs tend to have a large population in protected areas and are not known as dangerous. If you want to know what spiders eat, keep reading

Do Daddy Long Legs Eat Cockroaches?

Although this will depend on this arachnid species, cockroaches are one insect preferred by them. As a mostly carnivorous species, they consume different insects trapped inside their spider webs.

Due to their easy movement through walls or different surfaces, cockroaches can become trapped in these networks. In doing so, the daddy long legs catch them, inject their venom, and then consume them. However, this will depend on the spider’s size and body, since depending on it, it can consume this insect whose size sometimes can be greater.

However, cockroaches are part of the favorite insects of these arachnids. They are usually found inside homes in closed spaces, or they can have cockroaches without problems. The daddy long legs will sustain themselves with food, and they can live and hide without difficulties while hunting their prey.

Depending on the habitat where they are, daddy long legs can help eliminate cockroaches inside spaces. With them, keeping homes free of annoying insects is possible, even if these arachnids are required. When consuming these insects, they have food and reserves for a long time, but they always capture new prey without problems.

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What Other Insects do daddy long legs eat?

As we already mentioned, daddy long legs not only consume cockroaches; they can eat other types of insects. Among them, they can be named:

  • Mice or lizards

Although I cannot believe, there are daddy long legs of considerable size that can use these animals for food. Such is the giant tarantula’s case, whose dimensions may be enough to consume these animals of considerable size.

  • Flying insects

Among the variety of insects that serve as food for daddy long legs, there are flying insects such as flies, mosquitoes, and others, which are usually trapped within their networks. With their great variety, daddy long legs find food to survive for long periods.

  • Insects that move at ground level

Within their prey, certain insects can be found that move at ground level, so they are trapped in their nets and can be used as food by these arachnids.

  • Birds

Within the species of these arachnids, some can feed on certain types of birds. Undoubtedly, daddy long legs that use birds for sustenance are found within an open habitat, in which they hunt and capture certain birds through their traps and even camouflage strategies.

  • Frog

Similarly, small-sized frogs can be eaten and eaten by these carnivorous arachnids present. In nature, daddy long legs are one of the most varied species, and within them, you can find various sizes and methods of hunting for food they can use to capture frogs within their ecosystems.

  • Worms

Some species of these arachnids can consume worms within nature and the spaces they find. Depending on the spider, they can feed on these animals that can be present on the ground and be easily captured. These arachnids will always have an insect or animal to consume with different food sources within any ecosystem.

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