Do insect repellents Work on Fleas and Ticks?

does deet repel ticks

Insect repellents tend to be designed for eliminating flies, mosquitoes, and bees. Nevertheless, several of them do not usually include fleas and ticks.

You are able to also use a preferred repellent DEET, but it’s vital that you be aware it does not work on the kind of the ticks that can cause Lyme Disease.

In case you’re having issues with ticks and fleas we recommend you continue reading our articles to be able to learn the ways you are able to use to eliminate them. Let us begin!

Are you able to Use an Insect Repellent Getting Rid of Fleas and Ticks?

Eliminating fleas and ticks is significantly simpler than you may think. And both of the pests are known that can cause serious health issues, so it is really worth trying to do everything you are able to to stay safe. And, there are a couple of methods that work well, and the following insect repellent is one of the Best repellents on the market.

Insect repellent products are not cheap, and they cost money. Some of them contain chemicals that may cause harm to your health if used improperly or in large amounts. There are many different types of insect repellents available on the market today, but there is one type that stands out above all others – DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide).


DEET is a neurotoxin, meaning it interferes with the nervous system of insects such as mosquitoes and ticks. While DEET is effective at killing mosquitoes and ticks, it does not affect other arthropods like lice or bed bugs. Therefore, DEET is not recommended for use on these pests. However, some people have found that DEET works well against fleas and ticks when applied topically (on the skin) or inhaled (through vaporized spray).

There are several brands of DEET insect repellent on the market today. They range from inexpensive to expensive, and some don’t even contain any active ingredients! Some of these products include:

– Nixydrone (also known as Picaridin) – $20 for 2 oz. bottle

– Pyrethrum Oil – $30 for 1 oz. Jar or 5 ml.

There are several different kinds of DEET products on the market today. They range from those containing only nonylphenols (such as permethrin) to those containing both nonylphenols and pthalates (such as Imidacloprid).

The most common kind of DEET product contains just one chemical, but there are other varieties that contain two or even three chemicals. 

– Skin-So-Soft Palmolive Insect Repellent – $2.

As you can see, the most expensive repellents only cost a few dollars, while some of the least expensive repellents cost close to $30.

Are DEET Products Harmful For People?

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The problem with using repellents containing synthetic chemicals is that they can have severe negative effects on your health if you apply too much. DEET products with just one chemical are less effective (protect against bites and irritation), while those with two chemicals are slightly more effective but can be more harmful.

Exposure to one of these more harmful DEET products (such as 30% or 40%) can result in dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, decreased blood pressure, increased blood clotting time, and even death in extreme cases. Synthetic chemicals that are found in many repellents have been known to cause neurological problems, hormonal imbalances, birth defects, and other serious health issues.

Insect repellents that contain poisonous plants (known as “botanicals”) have a much safer track record but tend to be more expensive. Some of the most effective and safest botanicals include:

  • Lamisil

After reading hundreds of hours of research about the various ways to keep fleas and ticks away from your yard, I found one product that is safe and effective. It’s called “Lamisil,” and it can be bought at many local drugstores under the name “Najavit.” It is an antiseptic, insecticide and stomachicum, and is also believed to have insect-attractant properties. It is extremely effective at killing the different types of insects that will make your yard less enjoyable.

The main thing to remember about this product is that it only takes a few sprays to get rid of all the annoying bugs, and it lasts for up to three months. Don’t worry about over-spraying. It is water-resistant and will still protect you as long as you don’t get too close. It can be used on skin sores, cuts, scrapes, burns, and bites. It can even be applied directly to insect bites if preferred. It is the best mosquito repellent for the yard that I have found for my family.

Natural Repellents for Ticks and Fleas

There are also a large number of “natural” repellents which are becoming increasingly popular. These include citronellacedareucalyptus, and lemon oils. I found that three to four squirts will cover a twenty-foot radius, so the bottle will last you a while. Also, make sure and spray your plants because you don’t want those little buggers crawling on them!

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