Do Mole Granules Actually Work?

Do mole granules actually work?

Do sonic spike or moles granules really work? There are many opinions about which one works better. Some say they both work, but some say only sonic moles work, while others claim it depends on the type of mole. So what is the truth behind these two methods?

The answer is there isn’t any truth at all. These two methods have been used for centuries, and no one has ever come up with conclusive proof. What is known, however, is that they both work, so why not use them? 

If you want to get rid of the moles, then you will need to try both of these methods first before deciding which one works best for you.

Sonic Moles

They don’t work! No matter how hard you shake them, nothing happens. You might think that they would make a noise when shaken, but they just go silent. Even if you were to throw them into boiling water, nothing happens either. So what does this mean?

What Is A Sonic Spike?

A sonic spike is a device that emits sound waves at high frequency. They are usually made from metal and are placed near a mole hole. When the mole hears the noise, it becomes very agitated and tries to dig its way out of the ground. You might think that if you could make such a loud noise, your moles would just leave right away, but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. Well, one theory is that they are some sort of animal or creature that shapeshifts to make it harder to target them. Therefore, there is no point in trying to harm them because it won’t work.

The reason why sonic spikes do not work is because moles are very hardy creatures that can survive in the most hostile of the environment. Some people say that they work by making the mole have a bad reaction to the granules, hence wanting to get rid of them.

Other people say that they work by disrupting the mole’s sense of smell. Moles have a very important sense of smell, and it is their primary way of finding food, water, and even other moles.

Mole Granules

These contain a substance that might be harmful to moles or at least repels them. There are quite a few theories about mole granules.

How can Mole Repellents Work?

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The granular mole repellents feature by giving off unpleasant smells that can force the moles to relocate to various places. The most effective types of granules, like the people from Repellex, work with castor oil as the main ingredient.

These castor oil-primarily based granules are going to penetrate into the tunnels of theirs and make unpleasant living conditions for all the moles. After moles feel these granules, they are going to move away from the garden of yours in search of more convenient living conditions.

Do Mole Granules Actually Work? 

If you can somehow stop them from smelling you, they will probably leave you alone.

These granules can be bought at most garden stores. The best way to use them is by sprinkling some around the area where you see moles regularly. You must do this in an elegant manner so that moles don’t avoid the area. Another way of using them is by mixing them with soil or planting them in pots. Whatever it is, you must use it.

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Some Other Ways to Repel Moles

Hot Pepper Mole Repellent

There are some mole repellents on the market that contain hot pepper. Hot Pepper Mole Repellent is supposed to make moles run away from the scent of hot peppers, hence the name. Honestly, I can’t necessarily tell the difference between a hot pepper and a regular pepper. Either way, I do not think this product is going to be very effective. How do I know? Because I tried it and nothing happened.

There are some other methods that can be used along with the mole granules. One of these methods involves setting up a trap and catching the moles in it. This can be done by digging a narrow hole just big enough for a mule to go into. Then cover this hole with a large plate so that only a small part of the mole’s head can fit through. Finally, place a bucket, or something similar, on top of the plate. Moles did not run away from the smell of hot peppers.

Human Urine

Another mole repellent is made with human urine. Urine is a natural predator repellent, so that might make it more effective. However, in my opinion, people would definitely notice if a place was being used to store large amounts of human urine. I think you could attract unwanted attention, that’s why I don’t think this product is going to work in the first place. Now place some granular mole catching powder in the bottom of the bucket. Set the moles free in the trap by pulling back on the string. Catch the moles by taking the plate off of the hole. Be careful, though, because moles are known to bite.

There are different ways in which you can use mole traps. The most effective way involves setting out traps along a path that the moles have been traveling on. Dig a series of tunnels leading away from this path.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is another repellent that can be used. Simply dig a trench around the area you want to protect and place the castor oil there. This is supposed to make moles run away from the smell so that they don’t burrow near the area.

When it comes to getting rid of moles, caustic sprays are effective. If you know how to use these products safely, they can be used to get rid of moles. Afterward, cover the openings of these tunnels with mole traps. Keep a lookout for moles since they may still be traveling the path you thought was covered by tunnels. If you see any, then go ahead and set the mole trap.

Set Up Mole Traps

Set the mole trap so that it tips slightly upward and fastens around the middle of the animal’s body. Moles are very strong, so make sure the trap is sturdy.

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