Do Roaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Do roaches eat bed bugs?

Cockroaches are flying insects you can continuously see outside or inside your home. These insects can solve your bed bug problems at home by having them as a food source. Discover if cockroaches eat bed bugs and which do so most often.

Discover if you can prevent a bed bug infestation using cockroaches and how quickly the flying insect can act. Look at other home remedies you can use to kill bed bugs if you have the infestation at home.

Do Roaches eat bed bugs?

Due to the large size of cockroaches compared to bed bugs, this flying insect may eat them. A cockroach eats food residue you dispose of and sometimes feeds on other insects. Since bed bugs are tiny insects, they may solve the cockroach’s feeding problems.

Roach feeding on bed bugs is possible due to how fast the insect moves and the ability to fly. You can see how this battle is fought where bed bugs lose due to not being of significant size.

Which Cockroach Species Eat Bed Bugs? 

Among the species of cockroaches that can commonly eat bed bugs are:

  • American cockroach

This species of cockroach is one of the largest and has a high probability of devouring bed bugs. You can see how the American cockroach tries to feed on the bed bugs if it sees them. The adult species has the power to eat the parasitic insect; they do it quickly without leaving traces.

  • German cockroach

The German cockroach is the second largest species of cockroaches that can mostly fly. This ability that allows them to move faster makes them a perfect predator for bed bugs.

  • Brown band cockroach

Although the size is not as large as other species, the brown band cockroach is characterized by the speed to move. If you have these cockroaches at home, you will enjoy knowing they are eating the bed bugs.

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Can You Eliminate Bed Bugs Using Roaches?

Bed bugs can be eliminated if you have cockroaches at home, although sometimes it can be a double problem. As insects seek to avoid problems, you may doubly infest with cockroaches and bed bugs. You must use home remedies with nothing to do with cockroaches that eat bed bugs.

Both insects can cause a very rapid infestation in your home, so avoid them equally. Cockroaches, like bed bugs, reproduce quickly, so having them together can be dangerous.

Other Natural Repellent of Bed Bugs

The most effective natural repellants you can use against bed bugs can be:

  • Turmeric

You can use it as a powder, apply it on your bed, or in areas close to it to prevent bed bugs from moving around. The smell of turmeric stops the parasitic insect from moving near your bed and prevents it from biting you. You can buy turmeric in any health food store near your home; it is not toxic to your body.

  • Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a unique element for bed bugs, and you can use it without problems throughout your home. This product comes in powder form, and you can place it near your bed or throughout your room.

  • Garlic

You can use garlic powder in all the holes you find in your home to prevent bed bugs from moving. This strong odor causes the insect to leave your home, and thus, you avoid a severe infestation.

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