Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs?

Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs?

Although insects are very unpleasant for human beings, eating is the most normal thing in the world. Bed bugs have many enemies, and like spiders, other insects. If, for example, you notice bed bugs in your home, you can use other insects to stop an infestation.

There are many bed bug predators, apart from spiders:

  • Cockroaches
  • The alligators
  • Domestic pets

Domestic pets such as cats, tend to hunt certain insects, and bed bugs fall into this group. Although spiders eat bed bugs, these insects are not so easy to attack:

  • Bed bugs reproduce and grow very fast.
  • Although they cannot defend themselves, they can easily hide.

However, bed bugs are very vulnerable as they do not have tooth claws or venom to defend themselves. Spiders are one of the most common insects used to eating bed bugs and are very smart when it comes to starting your search.

Do Spiders Eat Bed Bugs?

Spiders Eat Bed Bugs, like other insects and other animals, tend to look for tiny insects. But, not all spiders have the ability to hunt and eat bed bugs. House spiders are very small in size, just like bed bugs. Most of both insects are the average size of an apple seed.

The average house spider turns out to be very small, so eating a bed bug can be difficult. So there are a few species of spiders that can easily eat bed bugs.

There are species of large spiders that can easily eat bed bugs. Among the different species of spiders that can eat bed bugs are:

  • The Wolf Spider
  • The jumping spider
  • The yellow sac spider
  • The running crab spider
  • The Philodromid crab spider

These species of spiders have several characteristics in common since they do not weave webs. Also, they can hunt their prey either by throwing themselves at them from a distance or by approaching stealthily. The way the different spider species hunt will also influence their hunting for bed bugs.

For example, web spiders are more likely to hunt other types of insects than bed bugs.

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Other Bed Bug Predators

Do spiders eat bed bugs just like other insects or animals:

  • Ants

Ants are used to eating bed bugs, especially those known as “Pharaoh Ants.” This species of ants can easily attack bed bugs because they can reach their hiding places.

  • Masked Bed Bug Hunter

This is a non-native insect brought to the United States and has spread to many states, searching for bed bugs. These insects are nocturnal and cover themselves with dust particles or the skin of other insects. Therefore, it is challenging for you to detect a masked bed bug hunter.

  • Cockroaches

Cockroaches can easily enter your home after being in dirty places. This insect can eat bed bugs. However, these insects reproduce faster than bed bugs, and it is difficult for cockroaches to eat them all.

  • Centipede

Centipedes are very large insects, as they can measure up to 15 centimeters. They are prepared enough to eat average size insects such as roaches and bed bugs. Centipedes are very difficult to detect and can be seen, especially when they search for food.

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