Do You Get Bed Bugs Or Lice In Hair?

Do You Get Bed Bugs Or Lice In Hair?

Lice are very annoying insects that will seek any means possible to reach your scalp and lodge there. There are some characteristics through which you can detect whether lice are on your head. And to eliminate them, you must be sure that you have lice and not another insect near you.

There have been occasions where people have mistaken lice for bed bugs, as both are very small insects. Both lice and bed bugs feed on humans’ blood, and they will want to stay close to their host.

Do You Get the Bed Bugs In Your Hair Like Lice?

To know if you have bed bugs like lice on your head, you must first know the differences between both insects. Bed bugs are generally larger than lice, as bed bugs are a quarter-inch long. At the same time, the lice measure is one-eighth of an inch long.

The shape must also be considered since the lice have an oblong shape and the Bedbugs have oval bodies.

Bed Bugs Do not Live on You.

Even in case you slept in bed throughout the morning, the bed bugs would not stay on you as well as continually feed. They are going to come out and feed for about 20 minutes and then go to the hiding place of theirs.

Lice can live on folks. The entire life cycle of theirs happens in the human body. What this means is they live, mate, feed, and lay eggs in the hair of yours. It means they can travel for each person through physical touch only.

Bed Bugs Vs. Head Lice

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The location is one of the characteristics that can help differentiate if you have lice or bed bugs. Lice have a preference for living on human scalps to feed whenever they want. Strangely, you see lice on another part of your body, and if you have bites, it is most likely bed bugs.

You will not see bed bugs lodge in your hair, as they prefer to hide somewhere where they can be close to their host. The bed bugs will only come out of their hiding place to feed, and again they will go to shelter.

What exactly are the Similarities?

While there are lots of differences between lice and bed bugs, there are similarities.

  • Both are within the Insecta class.
  • Bed Bugs and Lice expand their abdomen whenever they feed in order to feed much more.
  • Both have 6 legs.
  • Both feed on Humans’ blood.

Bed Bugs and Lice are ectoparasites that feast upon people.’ Ectoparasite’ implies a pest that resides outside of the host, instead of the multitude, like worms.

The primary similarity is the structure and body shape. In case you get both insects under a microscope, they’re rather similar. They both have massive abdomens, and they are segmented laterally. 

Both have very small heads that are smaller than their thorax and abdomen. Both have 6 legs, though the placement of their thighs and legs is different.

What’s Their Color?

And the bed bugs are a deep brown color. In case they supply, they have a much deeper red appearance since they feast on blood. They’re about similar color as the sites they hide in.

Lice aren’t exactly the same color. They appear from white to the brown color. And when they supply, lice have a darker appearance. Nevertheless, they do not get as black as bed bugs do.

Due to the color of theirs, bed bugs and lice are difficult to spot. Both pests attempt to match the similar color as the surroundings of theirs.

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How Do You Get Bed Bugs And Lice?

Head lice can be contracted by being in close contact with someone who is infested. Once these insects enter your scalp, you will feel very itchy and irritated. Once lice reach their adult stage, you can easily observe them, and you will notice how they remain attached to your hair.

Instead, bed bugs can be contracted depending on where they have been. If you have gone on a trip, these insects can stay in your suitcase and in this way they can easily enter your home and then your room.

Are Bed Bugs And Head Lice Related?

Bed bugs are related to head lice because they are tiny parasites that will stay close to you. Both insects feed on the blood of humans, and while lice will lodge directly on your scalp, bed bugs will seek to hide in your bedding or in places where they can stay close to their host.

Are Bed Bugs Or Lice Worse?

Both bed bugs and lice can become a big problem by having them around and not getting rid of them. Lice will daily feed on your blood from your scalp, and after doing so, will leave a lot of itching and irritation in that area.

When bed bugs feed on you, a rash will start to appear within days, and they usually feed at night without you noticing. Both parasites can cause certain medical problems, and before that happens, you can turn to very effective chemical or natural methods to eliminate them quickly.

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