Does Alcohol Kill Roaches?

Does Alcohol Kill Roaches

If you have a roach infestation, you need to find some organic ways to remove them. And, if you use natural home remedies, you can avoid the toxicity that some chemical insecticides may cause. This measure is very useful to prevent diseases caused by this type of plague.

When looking for methods, alcohol is one of the most recent and sought-after on the market. However, in this case, you probably have doubts whether alcohol kills cockroaches. For more information, we recommend that you pay attention to the points below.

Does alcohol kill roaches?

Alcohol is one of the best allies to eradicate a small number of cockroaches.

The question most asked by users wanting to end this pest is whether alcohol kills roaches. In this case, you should know that its components can eradicate a considerable number of cockroaches.

To guarantee its effects, it is recommended that you use a trap to attract them. However, keep in mind that these types of pests are not usually attracted to these substances and require a polysaccharide.

If you plan to fight an infestation, you can look for other types of substances to obtain better results. Isopropyl alcohol works as a practical alternative to kill these types of insects at the moment. This substance is very useful for creating repellants and even works as an excellent active ingredient in organic insecticides.

How Does alcohol kill roaches?

How Does alcohol kill roaches

If you are wondering what the effects of alcohol on cockroaches are, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following information.

Alcohol has moisturizing properties capable of immediately eradicating cockroaches. Its components can be used as a kind of insecticide to impregnate your home with toxic chemicals. When used without other substances, it works as a repellent with quite effective results. This fact implies that it can kill a cockroach as long as it is sprayed on it.

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How to Use alcohol to kill roaches?

If you want to repel cockroaches with alcohol, you need to pay attention to the following indications.

Make sure to fill a spray bottle with 70% alcohol that is up to guarantee your results. And you can invest in a new bottle to avoid loss of effects due to contact with other components.

Once you have your spray, you can use it as a repellent to rub alcohol on the roach and finally suffocate them. 

It is crucial that, in the end, you make sure to clean up the residue and then reduce the infestation considerably. Keep in mind that many of these insects feed on your carcasses.

The primary function of alcohol is to ward off roaches with their smell so that they do not enter your property. Therefore, make sure that you sprinkle this substance around the doors or places where they usually enter.

To guarantee your results, you need to leave the doors and windows closed before leaving to eliminate the pest.

Do Cockroaches Like the Smell Of Alcohol?

Do Cockroaches Like the Smell Of Alcohol

Cockroaches have a sensory capacity that is altered by the powerful smell of isopropyl alcohol.

By sprinkling alcohol on main entrances and windows, you can be sure to keep these pesky insects away for a long time. The aroma of alcohol is usually remarkable for cockroaches and can even cause them to suffocate.

And, the alcohol can affect their sensory capacity and become disoriented for a long time. It can be favorable to eliminate them or applying chemicals with toxic odors.

This odor is so potent that it can wipe out the roach infestation once it is supplemented with other substances. It is recommended that you use this method consistently so that you can see the results.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Alcohol? Is Alcohol Dangerous?

When employing any method of extermination related to alcohol, you must abstain from the consequences.

The critical place where pests usually stay in the kitchen and especially the rubbish can. This fact implies that you should avoid lighting any appliance that requires gas or fire during the extermination process.

Keep in mind that alcohol is a highly flammable substance, and any spark could cause a fire. So you need to use this substance with great caution.

How Do You Kill roaches With Sprays?

If you want to eliminate an infestation of cockroaches with aerosols, you can follow the tips below:

To eradicate a cockroach infestation with aerosols, you must use them in specific places.

It is also recommended that you wear a mask to avoid the consequences of inhaling the poison.

Once you start spreading the product, you must close the doors and windows to guarantee results.

The next step is to air your home for a couple of hours to get rid of the toxic smell.

In these cases, you must make sure to use an organic insecticide to avoid any accident related to children or pets.

Other Natural Remedies to Kill roaches

When it comes to avoiding the consequences of traditional insecticides, the following therapeutic alternatives are likely to be very useful.

  • Fresh bay leaves.

The smell of laurel is usually quite annoying for this type of insect and is even one of the most effective extermination methods.

One of the best alternatives to using bay leaves is burning them and letting the smell permeate your property. In this way, you can be sure to suffocate this type of pest and prevent them from entering again. 

If the smoke seems bothersome, you can choose to shred the leaves and place them in the areas where these insects frequent.

  • Lavender and fresh rosemary

This remedy has a high percentage of effectiveness and can even keep the pest away for a long time.

You have to mix the lavender leaves with the rosemary leaves in a container and leave them in the key places.

Then, you can enjoy a pleasant aroma while killing the roach infestation. This method can also help ward off other pests without the need to use chemicals.

  • The combination between boric acid and sugar

This remedy is the best solution for people who do not have children or pets on the property.

For the preparation, you have to mix about 15 grams of sugar with 10 ml boric acid to spray with 10 ml of water.

You have to make sure to spray the formula in the doorways to keep out pesky insects. The benefit of using this method is that you can maximize your budget without paying the excessive expense of hiring an exterminator.

  • Baking soda and sugar.

This combination has the potential to exterminate roaches in places like the kitchen or bathroom.

You need to mix about 15g of sodium with 10ml of sugar and sprinkle it in the infested places.

The effects of sodium directly affect the nervous system causing a massive collapse. The function of sugar is to attract and trap them in a massive way. Then, you can kill them quickly.

  • Mint leaves.

Mint is among the aromas most detested by cockroaches and can even drive them away during hot weather.

To guarantee your results, crush the mint leaves and mix them with essential oils.

In this way, you will be able to repel this annoying pest for a long season without inhaling the toxicity of conventional insecticides.


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