Does Ammonia Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Ammonia Kill Bed Bugs?

When you have a bed bug infestation in your home, the first things you use are sprays and insecticides. But, it turns out that these biocide products, when applied in an excessive and uncontrolled way inside the house, are harmful to the inhabitants. Attacking the health of people at home, it is necessary to have another much more viable alternative. One of them is to go to professionals to fumigate the home, but it would have a higher cost. That is why you can consider Ammonia as an inexpensive treatment to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

Not everyone knows that Ammonia, as a home remedy, can be used to exterminate these pests. However, it is necessary to know very well how this type of chemical is handled. Being a toxic chemical, you have to know if Ammonia can kill bed bugs. And if it does, how can it be used safely?

Read on to learn more about Ammonia and as an option to kill bed bugs.

What Is Ammonia?

Ammonia is a chemical substance, considered toxic. It has a strong smell, similar to fish or urine. This chemical compound is produced industrially in a liquid state. It is used as a component in fertilizers, but also as a household cleaning product.

It is considered a powerful and effective product for cleaning bathroom and kitchen surfaces with degreasing properties, quickly removing grime and dirt.

Ammonia is corrosive and must be handled with great care and caution to avoid accidents such as burns. It is always recommended to wear gloves and glasses for the eyes, thus keeping you protected against any incident. But, before using and handling it, you have to find out if Ammonia kills bed bugs?

Does Ammonia Actually Kill Bed Bugs?

Certainly, Ammonia has multiple uses, both industrial and domestic, but is it a useful product for the control and extermination of bed bugs? The answer is yes.

Indeed, Ammonia kills bed bugs. When this compound is in contact with moisture, the water decomposes, creating ammonium hydroxide, a highly corrosive substance.

Ammonium hydroxide, being corrosive, decomposes any tissue when it comes into contact with it, that is, bed bugs. Destroying cell membranes produces more water molecules, and therefore, the process remains active.

Ammonia effectively kills bed bugs and even eggs, since touching them immediately destroys the shell membrane.

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How To Use the Ammonia To Eliminate Bed Bugs Safely?

As mentioned above, the answer is yes to the question if: Does Ammonia kill bed bugs?. You must know how to safely and effectively use this chemical at home and eliminate bed bugs and eggs.

First, knowing the dangers of this compound, you must use gloves and protective glasses during handling. Then you need to follow the following steps for the preparation of the product to kill bed bugs:

  • Have a sprinkler or spray to add the amounts of water and Ammonia for domestic use. 
  • Make sure the bottle is completely clean of any other chemical product.
  • Dilute the Ammonia with water according to the amount of the bottle. It should have a moderate concentration to have an ideal effect.
  • Spray this mixture in the most remote places of your house and forget about bed bugs.

Now you know the truth about how does Ammonia kills bed bugs. You see that it is very simple and inexpensive to use Ammonia to kill bed bugs in your house. If you suffer an innovation from these insects, do not hesitate to resort to this product.

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