Does Baby Powder Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Baby Powder Kill Bed Bugs

If you are tired of seeing bed bugs in your home, you should act against them and kill them with common natural products. You may want to protect your family from bed bugs and are tired of using all-natural products, but you are not successful. Now you can use the powder you use on your baby to kill bed bugs and find out how effective it can be.

Find out if baby powder kills bed bugs or if it’s a myth that you don’t have to focus on. Learn how baby powder works against pests and how effective it is to apply it at home.

Finally, you can know how to use baby powder against bed bugs and what other powders can help you eliminate the infestation.

Does Baby Powder Kill Bed Bugs?

You may use baby powder daily without knowing that you have a deadly weapon against bed bugs. This product that prevents your children from being irritated by regular diapers can kill the bed bugs. Although the composition of baby powder is not the same as diatomaceous earth, it can dry out the insect.

There is no study to support the idea that baby powder kills bed bugs, but some people use it. You can do the test by applying baby powder to a bed bug-infested sofa and see your results. Bed bugs may not be killed by the powder but will flee because it feels threatened.

Logically, if bed bugs eat baby powder, they can die dehydrated like diatomaceous earth. The best thing about using baby powder is that you won’t have to search for the product. Talc can be found in any commercial store, while diatomaceous earth requires an exhaustive search.

How Does Baby Powder Work?

According to its inception, baby powder has prevented babies from irritating their skin when they use diapers in excess. It is an indispensable product for mothers and fathers who want to protect their children at all times. In another aspect, the baby powder also works against pests, especially bed bugs that you have at home.

If you are tired of seeing these elusive little insects in your home, you should use talcum powder to kill them. Although you will not be sure that baby powder can kill the insect, it can scare them away. The smell of talcum powder can make bed bugs feel dangerous and try to run off the couch, bed, or another area.

Baby powder also works as a trap that you can apply to slow down bed bugs. When the parasitic insect passes over the talc, its composition will prevent it from running quickly. A slow-moving bed bug can be easy to kill as you eradicate the pest.

You have two cost-effective options that can work with inexpensive baby powder. You can use a huge amount of bed bug baby powder to increase the chances of working.

How to Use Baby Powder to Kill Bed Bugs?

How to Use Baby Powder to Kill Bed Bugs

Now that you understand how effective baby powder can be, you should learn how to use it. The best thing about this product is that you can buy it in any store close to home, it is low cost and very effective. The steps to follow so that you can take advantage of baby powder against bed bugs are:

  • Locate the bed bug-infested area

The first thing you have to do to kill the bed bug infestation with talc is to look for the infested area. Usually, you will have a bed bug infestation on your bed, sofas, bedroom cabinets, sheets, etc. Bed bugs will always be close to a human host because their diet is based on their blood.

  • Buy a good amount of baby powder.

For the method to work, you will need to buy a good amount of baby powder. You have to buy the largest product you find in the online store to use it against bed bugs.

  • Apply the powder on the sofa, mattress, pillows, etc.

With the baby powder in hand, you have to start applying it to the infested areas that you previously located. You should not just use baby powder on the surface of the sofa, mattress, on your pillows, or even on the floor. Fill your room with talcum powder so that the results against bed bugs are effective.

  • Leave the baby powder for a few hours.

Now that you spray your entire room with baby powder, you should leave the area like this for a few hours. All you have to do is leave bed bugs exposed to this potentially deadly dust. Bed bugs can die from dehydration or because the powder prevents them from moving and makes it easier for you to kill them.

  • Get rid of dead bed bugs.

When about 3 hours have passed, you can remove the baby powder in your room and the dead bed bugs. You have to get rid of the dead parasitic insect that at some point affected your sleep.

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Other Powders that Kill Bed Bugs

Other Powders that Kill Bed Bugs

If you used the baby powder against bed bugs and did not get the desired results, you can use other powders. You can use natural powder repellents that will help you kill or scare away the parasitic insect, such as:

  • Boric acid

Your first choice may be borax or boric acid that you can buy at any pet store. This powder works for bed bugs, cockroaches, or other vermin that you have in your home. Borax is non-toxic and effective in killing pests that detract from your property.

You have to apply borax to the affected areas, let the bed bugs eat it, and wait for them to die. The effect borax causes on bed bugs are that it dries out the inside and kills them.

  • Diatomaceous earth

You can use classic bed bug repellents such as diatomaceous earth. The best thing about this natural repellent is that you can buy it inexpensively at thousands of pest stores. You have to wait for the diatomaceous earth to work and then remove the dead bugs.

  • Salt

Finally, you can turn to salt as that magic powder that you hope will kill bed bugs. If the parasitic insect eats salt, it can die dehydrated, which would end its infestation in a controlled way. You have to take the kitchen salt and apply it to bed bug-affected areas as soon as possible.

If you use any of the three alternative powders to kill bed bugs and don’t work for you, you can resort to repellents. You don’t have to leave bed bug infestation at home because it can affect your life badly. The best thing you can do is eradicate the pest with natural or chemical repellents to have good results.

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