Does Baking Soda Kill Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are one of the most destructive household problems of almost one-third countries of the world. These beetles enter your house searching for fabrics and start to prey upon your mattresses and other household materials like woolen clothes, rugs, frills, etc. They cause a lot of devastation and are also harmful to the human body. People use many chemical methods to eradicate these beetles, but people are trying to shift to some natural remedy to kill these beetles because of the downside of using chemicals.

In search of the best material that can free us from these carpet beetles’ attack, we landed on several options. Baking soda is one of the options one can easily find in their kitchen wardrobe. So, let’s discuss the concept of baking soda and check whether Baking Soda Can Kill Carpet Beetles.

What is Baking Soda Made of?

Baking Soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate in the chemical world. Its chemical formulae are NaHCO3. It is formed from the reaction of Metal sodium with Bicarbonate. It constitutes sodium, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. It is a salt used in personal care products and baking. It generally cleans and softens the surface it is applied to.

 Does Baking Soda Kill Carpet Beetles?

Yes, we can use Baking soda to kill the Carpet beetles effectively. Along with killing the beetles, it can also be used to get rid of these beetles. As the baking soda enters the body of the beetle, it releases bubbles of carbon dioxide. These bubbles will block the pipelines inside the beetle, leading to the fatal death of the beetle.

 It is not necessary that baking soda has to enter through the mouth. As soon as the beetle comes into contact with the powder, the reaction will start, and eventually, the beetle dies. 

The baking soda powder also leads to internal bleeding into the beetle. It happens due to the powder’s granular nature, which cuts the system pipelines leading to bleeding. 

A variety of this beetle has some slimy layer over them, which saves them from dehydration. Baking soda also gives the solution to that. As the beetle comes into contact with the baited powder, the slime layer is soaked by the powder. It leads to dehydration and the ultimate death of the beetle.

 How To Use Baking Soda Against Carpet Beetles

There are various ways to use baking soda to eliminate these beetles from our house. These ways are:

  • Piling

To reach the mattress, these bugs and their larvae have to travel upwards. To reach their destination, beetles start climbing from the legs of the bedding. You can take the baking soda in its raw form and pile it in large and thick mounts nearby the legs. As the beetle starts to climb the leg, they contact the baking soda and dies immediately.

  • Pasting

Pasting is another way to apply baking soda for killing these bugs. We can prepare a thick paste of baking soda with water. Ensure that it is as thick as honey. Now you can paint this paste wherever you suspect beetles are hiding. Also, apply this paste at the entrance point. It will stop them from further entering your house.

  • Baiting

If you don’t want these beetles to come near your bedroom, you must choose to bait baking soda. You can put some old fabric at the house and windows’ entrance point that is of no use. You have to keep a small piece of cloth over a pile of baking soda. This piece of cloth will work as a bait to attract these beetles. As the beetle comes in contact with the powder, it will be exploded with Carbon dioxide gas and dies.

  • Sprinkling

The carpet beetles found small cracks and corners for hiding where they are not easily noticeable. These cracks and corners are not approachable by the other ways, but sprinkling baking soda can be useful in this case. You should mix baking soda with water and make a liquid solution. With the help of a sprayer, this liquid solution is applied at every crack and corner of your furniture and the house where these bugs are suspected of hiding. You should use the spray and leave it overnight; it will guarantee you noticeable results.


Baking soda will be the best option to apply if you are fed up with carpet beetles. It is both safe and hygienic and can be used as a general cleaning agent also. Applying baking soda will not harm the toddlers and your pet as it is organic, and a small amount used for the carpet beetles will be leaving no effect in the case of larger mammals. It is also in-toxic for the plants, so if you spay them in your indoor gardens, it will cause no impairment. 

Author Aalyah