Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

The bed bug in recent years has once again become a sprawling pest. It is an insect that feeds on human blood and is normally found on beds and bedroom furniture. The activity of these insects increases at night, at which time they feed, producing bites.

Bed bug invasions in the home is a difficult task. There are many options for killing these pests, from enlisting exterminators’ help to sprays or other chemicals.

Bleach can be considered a very good option to kill bed bugs. Known as a powerful chemical, it may be able to eliminate these insects. But is it true that bleach kills bed bugs? And if the answer is yes, you have to know more about this product and its handling. Know if it is worth it as an alternative.

If you want to learn more about bleach as a product to eliminate bed bugs, continue reading. Here you will get the necessary information.

What is in Clorox Bleach?

Clorox is a cleaning product, but it has other functions. This product has gone through different testing phases to improve the formula and provide a great product. Clorox is made up of a mixture of sodium hypochlorite, water, among others, that give it great functions. Sodium hypochlorite is the main culprit that helps to remove stains from clothes. For businesses, it is used to eliminate germs and bleach dirty bathroom sinks. It also reduces sticky mildew that occurs in bathrooms from moisture or grime build-up in the corners.

Does Bleach Kill Bed Bugs?

The Clorox Bleach product has a great concentration that with just half a cup, all problems are solved. Bleach is another name for sodium hypochlorite-based products.

All bleaches have the same mix of all these components: sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, and water. These components serve as an insecticide to eliminate pests found in the beds. The most common pest is the bed bug in the beds because it is close to the places where more food is concentrated. These are hidden in the mattresses since they are not washed very often. But one way to remove already formed insects and eggs is to use Clorox bleach. It is responsible for eliminating sodium hypochlorite; as the toxic gas evaporates, it is absorbed and kills the pest.

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How to Kill Bed Bugs with Bleach?

The way to eradicate bed bugs is very simple, first, buy a gallon of Clorox Bleach. Then wash the bedding well with hot water (minimum 45 ° C), add the detergent, and half a Clorox bleach cup. Then wash clothes with plain water at least one cycle without detergent. To avoid being left with excess detergent.

For the bed, locate the area of ​​concentration of the insects, spray Clorox and leave for a few minutes and that’s it.

For best results and to eliminate possible remains of eggs, you should spread Clorox around the room. In the beds, you can help with a brush and brush the affected area. For other solutions, you can visit the Clorox Bleach website.

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