Does Bleach Kill Lice?

Does Bleach Kill Lice?

Experts have done much research to know for sure, which are the most effective treatments to kill head lice. Currently, many products are not used to kill this insect, even bleach. Many wonders if bleach is effective in getting rid of lice, and today you will find out.

The reality is that as time passes, lice have become immune to many products that were previously used to kill them. Many chemicals and natural remedies are used to achieve a chemical-free scalp. And if bleach is a good option, you need to know how to use it to achieve it.

How Does Bleach Affect Lice?

Now, lice are also known as super lice due to their genetic mutations and their difficulty killing them. For this reason, having head lice has surely had to try many treatments without achieving the expected success. Like you, more people are fighting these insects with over-the-counter treatments and natural remedies.

Bleach helps kill lice because it contains some ingredients like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Both elements contain a kind of irritating gas and may be the cause for which lice die.

Does Bleach Repel Lice?

You may find that you have lice faster than you think because this parasite causes a lot of itching and irritation. The most logical thing to do is seek treatment as soon as the presence of lice is discovered. Bleach can be used as an effective treatment, not just to repel lice but to kill them.

Does Bleach Kill Lice?

Hair dye and hair dye contain hydrogen peroxide and other very strong chemicals. But while these ingredients are effective for bleaching the hair shaft, they may not be effective at killing lice.

Bleach contains a wide variety of chemicals that can help kill lice. However, nits cannot be removed with this product, and you will have to opt for other treatments.

How To Use Bleach To Kill Lice?

If you decide to use bleach to kill lice, you should use this treatment every week or until you notice that you have been able to get rid of these insects. Bleach can be combined with other products for a safer effect, such as vinegar. However, there are no studies, yet that proves the effect of vinegar on lice.

It is presumed that vinegar can kill the most mature lice since nits are the most difficult to kill. Experts recommend spreading vinegar all over your head during the first treatment step, and remember that you cannot miss your scalp, the nape of the neck, and the back of the ears.

The vinegar solution should be left on your head for 15 minutes or less time in case of burning. Then:

– Use warm water to remove the vinegar from your hair

– With a lice comb, try to remove all the lice you see as well as the nits

– During this process, soak the lice comb in a container with hot water

– Follow the instructions to make the bleach mixture properly

– Add this element throughout your hair, especially in hot areas

– Rinse the bleach and run the lice comb over your head

– Run a hairdryer over your head, as the heat generated by the dryer can remove the lice that have remained on your scalp

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